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Failed Assassination Attempt on Iraqi Outgoing Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi

Failed assassination attempt on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi in Baghdad by drones

A failed assassination attempt targeted Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, the outgoing prime minister of Iraq at dawn this morning, he said in a televised statement adding that the assassination attempt was by a drone.

The drone attack targeted the residence of the prime minister in the heavily fortified ‘Green Zone’ in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, six of his bodyguards were reportedly injured and were receiving treatment at the hospital, a spokesperson for the Iraqi ministry of interior said, who spoke of 3 drones that took part in the attack, yet failed to kill any of the personnel in the building or injure any family member of Mr. Kadhimi who seems not to be residing with him or were removed from the place prior to the drone attack.

‘Security forces’ managed to shoot down two of the three drones, the 3rd bombed the residence of the prime minister, the ministry’s spokesperson said, adding that investigations are being conducted to find out the route and source of the drones as well as the party who is behind it.

Such an assassination attempt on a political figure or even government security or military official is highly condemned, winning battles and scoring goals should not be done the US or Israeli way, blowing up people to achieve political goals is foreign to our region and were introduced only by the British-sponsored Zionist movement and its terrorist groups who were later combined into the so-called ‘IDF’ and ‘Mossad’ and other Israeli forces, the USA is known to use drones to kill scores of innocent people to achieve propaganda stunts and market its capabilities in this field, especially by drones and suicide terrorists it and its allies (Saudis, Qataris, Turks) can recruit.

Adding to the suspicious circumstances of such an attempt is the timing coming a day after Iraqi ‘security forces’ under the instructions of Mr. Kadhimi attacking protesters in Baghdad and burning their tents resulting in deaths and injuries among the people who were carrying out sit-downs protesting the ‘highly doubtful results’ of the latest parliamentary elections that took place last month with all the allegations of proven violations, forgery, counting methods, and the way the results were announced followed by the refusals of recounting the votes in the ballots in most voting stations.

Mr. Al-Kadhimi in a televised statement talking about the alleged failed assassination attempt on his residence in Baghdad’s Green Zone

The United States has called fraud every election conducted around the world where the winner/ winners are not US puppets and led campaigns to not recognize its outcome, it was interesting to see it as the first to praise the latest Iraqi elections in which its puppets claimed victory before the counting of the ballots was even halfway through!

US-aligned politicians condemned the failed assassination attempt on Mr. Kadhimi, all his opponents were calling for refraining from ‘cheap stunts that would lead to strife’ in the country.

‘I call for caution against mixing papers; yesterday the killing of peaceful demonstrators and today the targeting of the Prime Minister’, the former Prime Minister of Iraq Mr. Haider Abadi said in a statement commenting on the assassination attempt calling it ‘a suspicious assault on Al-Kadhimi.’

The spokesperson of one of the leading Iraqi resistance factions Abu Ali Askari highly criticized Mr. Al-Kadhimi who he called is a ‘Facebook-creation’ adding ‘No one in Iraq wants to lose a drone over the home of a former prime minister,’ he concludes ‘Playing the victim role has become an obsolete method.’

Playing the victim role is also a known tactic used by the most vicious criminals in our today’s world, those who prey on the suffering of other people to claim the right to represent them and to steal other peoples’ land under that pretext while siphoning billions of dollars from countries to help the criminals playing the victims role while they oppress and uproot the real victims from their own land.

Iraq is heading toward more confrontations, many parties in the region cannot accept being consecutively defeated in the battles they started by seeing Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen overcoming the invasions, aggressions, wars, and terrorism imposed on them and are ready to resort to false-flag operations, massacres, and strife as their last weapons against the peoples of the region.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Most likely a false flag, nobody would bother attacking someone who is already outgoing and endanger exposing their drones techniques and capabilities.

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