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Aboriginal Australians Call on World to Protect them against “Bioweapons”

Aboriginal Australians Call on World to Protect them against “Bioweapons”

Aboriginal Australians have issued two calls to the world for assistance in protecting them against what they have called “bioweapons.” In two separate videos uploaded 24 November, Tribal Elders condemned Minister of the Northern Territory of Australia, Michael ‘FannieBoy’ Gunner for forced displacements, disappearances, food deprivation, coercion, and of turning them into “guinea pigs,” again.

This woman is a Tribal Elder. Her name is June Mills. She, and three others have been under gestapo-like lockdown — worried and petrified — for three days. Stories are getting through of the army knocking down people and “forcibly” vaccinating them, of people being forcibly removed, to parts unknown. Those of us who have listened to shoa survivors quietly, and seemingly dispassionately bearing witness, decades later, are able to imagine them screaming this loudly, prior to being pushed into cattle cars at gun point.

She begins by screaming, Binjari! Binjari! Binjari! the name of the town across the river from where the rumors come, the town that officially has thirty-five (35) COVID-19 cases, with a reported three (3) hospitalizations. She gives her phone number — 0434001158 — for anyone anywhere in the world, to take her testimony. She claims that people across the river are “gone,” that the military has “removed everybody.” She addresses the Minister directly: Michael Gunner, you coward, where are you? Come here, Mate, you lying, deceiving dog, you money slut!…How dare you…deviant. She screams that The world needs to know what’s happening, what these people are doing in our country to our people

While there has been zero reports of Aboriginal elders pleading for help, bearing witness, NATO stenographer media have gushed over the rug chewer, Caucasoid Gunner’s strident condemnation of all opposing the fascist lockdown, the contemptuous breach of the Nuremberg Code, screeching that they are — according to him — anti-vaxxers, even if they have been shot (and if they have been shot, twice, and he decrees a booster they do not want, they are still anti-vaxxers, and if they are all amenable to being shot, but oppose the Nazi-like cordoning off of human beings, they are still anti-vaxxers, according to this latest in a never-ending series of white saviors).

Video clips of Gunner continue to dribble down; Sky News appears delighted to share a longer clip, in which he smugly runs the gamut of childish name-calling such as international trolls, and tinfoil hat wearing tossers sitting in their parents’ basements in Florida.

Does this Aboriginal lady wear a tinfoil hat? Does she look like an American troll living parents’ basement in Florida? Is hers the “Aboriginal life” about which Michael ‘FannieBoy’ Gunner which he cares deeply, and is particularly protecting?

This Aboriginal lady is not wearing a tinfoil hat.

Before moving on to Aboriginal Tribal Elder David’s call to the world — he is the one who stated that bioweapons are being used against his peoples — we offer a bit of perspective.

Last year, the Australian government targeted three thousand poorer people living in housing projects for criminal lockdown. They were surrounded by armed guards, prepared to pummel anyone who attempted to leave his home. Later, the phonies bleated about how this atrocity was a ”human rights” violation.

More recently, as anti-lockdown people began to step outside where the gestapo politicians stated they did not belong, for their health, they were gassed and beaten. In the first photo, a teen girl was strangled for not wearing her mask, despite having a medical exemption. The second photo was of a senior citizen lady, tackled to the ground and then tear-gassed. In the third, several Gestapo tackled a man to the ground for not having his permission slip. We include screenshots on the death per million census — which may rise in the future as there is now a 71% injection rate, with ‘boosters’ on the horizon.

The author has been unable to find public statistics specifically in the Aboriginal communities, though the Health Ministry website dedicated to their needs claims that the choice is theirs, though it appears not to be. Most of the neglected tropical diseases within these communities is limited to rural areas.

Syria News readers know that the wonder drug, ivermectin, is the frequent choice for NTDs. In September 2016, the Australasian Society for Infectious Disease (ASID) reported that a group of experts™ attended the International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria where they noted that the unacceptability that the rate of Rheumatic Heart Disease was 112 times more than in the Aboriginal people than in their non-indigenous counterparts, and that NTDs were between 2 and 30 times the official notification rates, also unacceptable. The announcement did not mention treatment, but did note that vaccine development was underway.

The report on the “quarantine camps” for Aboriginal close contacts contains what appears to be a lovely vacation area. Some shoa survivors have testified they were told they were being moved to better housing, prior to being put into cattle cars at the point of a bayonet. For purpose of objectivity, we include two photos, one a lovely view, and the other a close-up of a door with inverted hinges and punch code door lock.

In September — around the time that Antonio Guterres was doing his supremacist savior imperial deceit routine at the behest of Gates, Gavi, and Schwab, demanding ‘equity’ for the African continent, before UNGA and NATO stenographers — and calling for increased global governance, rumors began to circulate that UNPOL was in Australia, helping to beat up anti-lockdown demonstrators.

This writer looked into the feasibility, and it turns out that there are between 90k — 113k UN Police peacekeepers — plenty to go around (please note that in UN parlance, “POC” means — please do not choke — protection of civilians). They can deploy to any UN member state upon the state’s request, they can go undercover, they can wear other uniforms. They must, however, get a “judicial authorization” to take specimens.

Aboriginal leader, David — still ignored by the western media that feigns concern over indigenous populations — notes that Australia is “using foreign military” and “foreign police officers” to assist local Gestapo in the crimes against humanity being inflicted on his people…if he is to be believed.

When conservative Candace Owen ironically suggested that the US invade Australia to “free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime,” she was ridiculed by the usual ilk, on both sides of the Atlantic. How interesting that while the ilk smirk over the the threats and rudeness of the wretched sociopath, they just happen to ignore Aboriginal leader David, who just happens to note that “Candace Owen, she called it out.

The derision of the black woman who does not tap dance, and the deafness to the pleas from Aboriginal people, are two sides of the imperialist coin of the truly racist mainstream media.

David told the audience that local and foreign military are forcing Aboriginals to be injected with “bioweapons,” arresting those who try to flee from forced vaccination, who try to escape lockdown to get food, are fining those caught $5,000.

Calling the experimental shots, allegedly given either without informed consent, or forcibly, certainly does sound like “tinfoil hat” wearing, even if David and his comrades do not look like Americans who sleep in their parents’ basements in Florida.

Surely, human beings who wear normal hats know that only Bill Gates can use words such “bioweapons” and “bioterrorism,” and that the media will stand in line to report his every word.

Aboriginal people can not eat in shops, are prohibited from leaving their communities. David claims that they are being “used as guinea pigs” to test the experimentals.

Such a statement would sound ridiculous, absurd, fantastic, were it not for such things as Mengele’s human experimentation during the time of overt Nazi Medicine; were it not for VRBPAC™ expert™, Eric Rubin, MD on his vote to trial the injections on children, “”But we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes:” (we cannot provide a screenshot, as the FDA has not — despite its $6 billion budget — provided a public transcript since its October 2020 meeting. We can, however, provide a screenshot of another expert™ stating almost the same thing, at the October meeting); were it not for the thalidomide trials; were it not for the fact that AIDS experimentals were tested on mostly African-American orphaned children; were it not for the fact that the Australian government previously admitted using the Aboriginal peoples as “guinea pigs,” which caused then PM Kevin Rudd to ejaculate an apology.

Based on sordid history — with, and without, apology — we must open our ears when the Aboriginal people tell us they are forcing this genocidal weapon onto us; everything that’s been implemented against humanity has been trialed and practiced on the tribal people of this continent; we are the dry run for everything; we’re not lying to you; we’re the people on the ground watching our people die from this bioweapon.

This is Marshall Law.

This is a war crime.

This is a crime against humanity.


Miri Wood

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Dr. Peter McCullough, MD notes that Australia has purchased fourteen doses per person, which is seven years of every six months injections.



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