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Smallpox Labeled Vials Found in Merck Lab after Gates Declares Billions Needed for BioTerror Attack

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Smallpox labeled vials appeared in a freezer in a Merck laboratory outside of Philadelphia, by an employee who was “incidentally” cleaning it, incidentally just some days after Bill Gates warned of the need to prepare against “future pandemics” and “smallpox terror attacks” by “investing” billions more of taxpayer monies, during a sit-down interview with British MP Jeremey Hunt, for the think tank, Policy Exchange, published in Sky News. The virulent and deadly — approximately 30% fatalities — smallpox was considered officially eradicated in 1980. Samples have been preserved for research against any future re-emergences, and — of course — for global security in case of its use in bio-terrorism.

The interview was held in the UK, soon after Gates who is not a climatologist, had arrived in one of forty or so private jets to meet with the queen and other members of the jet-setting, yacht-partying, not-masked oligarchical financier elite, to discuss how to further deprive poor people of energy sources, food, and various activities that previously involved a modicum of liberties.

Gates is also not a physician, not a virologist, and not an epidemiologist, which made him a fitting match for Hunt, who is Health Select Committee Chair, despite also not being physician nor virologist, nor an epidemiologist.

Ever the arrested development juvenile, the dropout multibillionaire, who previously whined about the inability of the CDC and FDA to force “public confidence” in the warped speed, not vaccines experimentals, fantasized about “a bioterrorist [who] brought smallpox to 10 airports,” and may have gotten a semi-erection wondering “how would the world respond to that” (how long should humanity pay for his being picked on for being a freak, his cowering over being hit with pies, in Brussels, decades ago?). He also suggested the need for a “new billion-dollar” WHO Pandemic Task Force” (incidentally, four years before the WHO authorized the two depository sites for smallpox samples, it had overseen the forced sterilization of women who agreed to tetanus vaccines, but who were not told the tetanus toxoid had been spiked with hCG. Decades later, the developing world voiced concern over the mass sterilization of Kenyan women, using the same hCG-altered TT.).

The World Health Organization created an Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research in 1999. Shortly thereafter, it authorized two sites “where stocks of variola virus are stored and used for research: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta Georgia, United States, and the Russian State Centre for Research on Virology and Biotechnology” (“Vector”). The Committee meets annually, to discuss progress.

The 15 November Monday night discovery made by someone cleaning out Merck’s lab freezers, involved either five vials of smallpox or ten vials of smallpox and either found the DHS, FBI and/or CDC en route or already on site for investigation, depending on the news source.

All sources cited the CDC blowing off its responsibility, as the housekeeper wore PPE and gloves; a spokesperson stated that “There is no indication that anyone has been exposed to the small number of frozen vials” whose “contents appear[ed to be] intact.”

Six vials of freeze-dried smallpox, neatly sealed, had be found July 1, 2014, during some similar light housekeeping in a building at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. The CDC stated they were sealed, noting it was the first such incident…of irresponsibility.

July 1, 2014, six vials of freeze-dried smallpox were found during some light housekeeping in a building at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. CDC stated they were sealed.
July 1, 2014, six vials of freeze-dried smallpox were found during some light housekeeping in a building at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. CDC stated they were sealed.

Most news sources have also blown off the potential for calamity, reporting that a mere five vials are labeled “smallpox” while ten are reported “questionable” or “vaccinia” — “the virus used in the smallpox vaccines” — without explanation.

Smallpox is a deadly and highly contagious disease caused by Variola major, a double-stranded DNA orthopox virus. It has been a major cause of death throughout history, killing more than 500 million people in the 20th century. For comparison, the current population of the United States is a little over 300 million. Transmission occurs mainly through the inhalation of respiratory droplets (formed by coughing and sneezing) from infected individuals. It can also spread through fomites, which are scab contaminated materials such as bedding and clothing. The ordinary presentation of smallpox has a fatality rate of approximately 30% among unvaccinated and untreated individuals. Because smallpox only infects humans and cannot survive for more than a few months outside its host under the most optimal conditions, it was a good candidate for disease eradication by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO’s 12 year global containment and vaccination program was successful, and smallpox was declared as eradicated from the global population in 1979. Stocks of the virus are kept by the United States and Russia for research purposes.FAS

Merck has also launched an investigation into how samples of a deadly, contagious, and eradicated virus happened to illegally find their way into one of its laboratory freezers, where it was discovered quite incidentally.

Illegal samples of smallpox found in Merck lab, not far from Philadelphia.
Illegal samples of smallpox found in Merck lab, Upper Gwyned, PA, not far from the City of Philadelphia.

As most reports have quoted the CDC using the word, “incidentally,” in the discovery of lethal smallpox vials in another unauthorized site, despite the CDC having had over twenty years to safely gather all variola samples, to properly deposit them in its only authorized lab in Atlanta, it behooves Syria News to make note of a few other incidentals.

One year before the FDA authorized Pfizer and Moderna mRNAs, and Janssen’s viral vector for the treatment of COVID-19, Bill Gates tweeted his excitement that 2020 would be “one of the best buys in global health” via vaccines.

Gates’ crystal ball on making money from “global health vaccines.”

Back in 2018, the FDA fast-tracked TPOXX to treat the eradicated smallpox. Incidentally, while Gates was giggling about variola being unleashed in ten airports, 113 million dollars worth of doses of the antiviral were being delivered to the United States. This past June, the FDA additionally authorized Tembexa for the treatment of the eradicated smallpox, in case of a bioweapon attack — that Gates recently announced is on its way.

Incidentally, in February 2021, the Gates Foundation funded a smear attack against President John Magufuli, who held a PhD in chemistry, and who incidentally died in March, after which the State Department — in collaboration with Gates’ GAVI and COVAX — delivered 1,058,400 doses of the experimental Janssen, to Tanzania, which had 12 COVID deaths per million as of 16 November. The smear was written by the self-proclaimed anti-colonialist, Vava Tampa, who nevertheless seems to have an ax to grind against sovereignty in African countries — which just incidentally coincides with NATO’s supremacist / savior perspective on the continent that is rich in raw materials.

Tanzania is one of those countries that prevents and treats filarial neglected tropical diseases with anti-filarials such as ivermectin.

We must incidentally note that the Gates Foundation ties with the United States in financial support of the World Health Organization, which strictly oversees the use of smallpox samples for research, samples that somehow incidentally appeared in the Merck laboratory, unauthorized by the WHO, which did authorize Merck’s condemnation of ivermectin repurposed for treatment and prevention of C19, earlier this year, along with the Gates created GAVI similar condemnation (in August 2004, the Bulletin of the World Health Organization published an editorial lauding this medicine’s repurposed success. Incidentally, ivermectin happens to be on WHO’s most essential list).

Incidentally, Gates whose GAVI said no to repurposed ivermectin for C19, is supporting Merck that repurposed ivermectin for human beings but said no to repurposing it for C19 despite poorer countries using it for neglected tropical diseases having very low deaths from C19, in its expensive, patented, experimental Molnupiravir for C19 use in poorer countries (many of which neither need it, nor have asked for it).

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Forgive us one more round of incidentally – driven documentation of the overlapping relationships of the oligarchical gods who claim to earnestly have the interests of humanity, at heart (some details found in the Syria News report on Antonio Guterres’ address to the United Nations General Assembly, in September): Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has declared we will have nothing, but we will be happy, the good news about the economic disaster of C19 is that it gives us the joyous opportunity for his Great Reset, where we can watch the hyper-rich fly on their private jets to meetings where they decide on the outcomes of our impoverished lives; drop-out philanthropist has put his money into helping us be happy; the WHO has not put out a statement about the errant smallpox, and the CDC is not concerned, so why should we be concerned?

Bill Gates has shown his unique prescience before. In 2018, he courageously warned us about an impending disease that could potentially bring down the world’s population to the levels he, and other gods believe it should be.

Philanthropic prescience, 2018.

One year earlier, at the Munich Security Conference (MSC background found, here), he also warned us about bio-terrorism both in the form of genetic engineering, and in the release of smallpox as a bio-weapon against humanity.

In 2017, the prescient philanthropist warned us:“The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus ... or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu.”
Even back in 2017, the prescient philanthropist warned us: “The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus … or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu.”

At the time that the US government was taking possession of a large quantity of what then FDA head — now current Pfizer Board Member — Scott Gottlieb described as “the first product to be awarded a Material Threat Medical Countermeasure priority review voucher,” for the eradicated variola, in preparation “for any public health emergency with timely, safe and effective medical products,” Bill Gates was advising world leaders to play “germ games,” to create a multibillion dollar task force to do battle with a bioterrorist who might unleash the virus into ten airports (incidentally, the bioterrorist in 12 Monkeys only managed to unleash deadly viruses into eight airports).

How some ignorant conspiracy theorist views the great philanthropist, Bill Gates.
How some ignorant conspiracy theorists view the great philanthropist, Bill Gates.

Scant days later, almost as if to prove him accurate, again, unauthorized vials of the eradicated smallpox were incidentally discovered in a Merck laboratory, somehow missed by the CDC.

Miri Wood

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Here are a few more incidentally related photographs, Gates and Fauci, Fauci and WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Gates and Tedros:

Postscript II: In the blink of an eye, CDC & FBI investigators declared the incidentally discovered vials labeled SMALLPOX did not contain smallpox. Awaiting details.


The irresponsible CDC on the importance of keeping research going for the eradicated smallpox in order to protect us from bioterrorism.

2007 BMJ article published in the NIH: “Should the US and Russia destroy their stocks of smallpox virus?”

MintPress News on Gates’ funding of dozens of media outlets to the tune of over $300 million.

La Via Campesina on “Corporate control of 2021 UN Food Summit” endangering food sovereignty (let us be mindful that Bill Gates who is heavily invested in creating fake meat now owns most of US farmland).

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  1. Nora Booher

    This worthless drug invermectin has recently been found to be effective against breast cancer as well, and before the next killer is released into the environment let me just say that lactoferrin has been found to be effective against many diseases including the incurable HIV, so please stock up if you can, but if not whey derived protein has is a good as is cow derived milk if you can drink enough of it. Some one or ones are buying up all the possible cures for HIV and AIDS, so I suspect they are doing the same for other diseases. Just as they have created an artificial shortage of fuel, they have also created a shortage of insulin used to treat diabetes. The list of ways they device to kill us is never ending.

  2. Miri Wood

    “This was illustrated in the exercise scenario: a localized bioweapons attack with a genetically engineered monkeypox virus begins in the fictional country of Brinia. Over 18 months, the scenario evolves into a globally catastrophic pandemic, leaving 40% of the world’s population infected and over a quarter billion people dead.”

    Simulation from NTI/Munich meeting, March 2021:

  3. Miri Wood

    It seems that WHO also reads Syria News.

    The hyperlink within this parenthetical has been removed from the Bulletin of the World Health Organization website:
    (in August 2004, the Bulletin of the World Health Organization published an editorial lauding this medicine’s repurposed success. Incidentally, ivermectin happens to be on WHO’s most essential list).


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