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Two More Syrian Kids Murdered by Landmines as Worthless Hack Whines in Geneva

Landmines explosion in Syria - file photo - انفجار لغم أرضي

Two more anonymous Syrian children were murdered by landmines planted by NATO-armed and supported Daesh terrorists while a worthless warm body in a suit, with barely a pulse, whined about landmines far, far away, at the 19th meeting of the States Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling and Transfer of Antipersonnel Mines in Geneva.

SANA did not name the martyred children, nor bother to provide their ages, nor exhibit enough concern to mention the ages of the two children injured with them. The use of the perfected Bush II art of the passive tense was employed: The deadly weapons of the most hideous of cowards simply went off. The barest of details included that the dead and injured were taken from Ja’amyeat to the Palmyra National Hospital where Dr. Walid Odeh gave them first aid before sending them to “Homs hospitals” and giving an interview to SANA.

Meanwhile, if the Syrian Arab News Agency was accurate in another report, the barely warm-body with barely a pulse, known as Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam al-Din Ala was giving a boring, whining, I’m-here-just-for-the-paycheck-and-prestige chitchat to the NATO-dominated waste of taxpayer monies UN operation in Geneva.

Ala droned on about international law, dangers of illegal explosives, suffering, and empty threats to Syrian lives.

According to the contemptuously boring SANA report — which was thrice the length of the stingy little blurb on the two murdered and two injured Syrian children — the contemptuously bloodless Ala showed less concern for the Syrian martyrs blown to pieces by landmines and other explosives, than the NATO queen of the UN Mine Action Service, Agnes Marcaillou. Marcaillou has proven her uselessness since after traipsing to Damascus to sign the Memorandum of Understanding that was never executed, whose character cannot compare with the nobility of the giant African pouched rat, but who at least keeps honest numbers on the murders and dismemberment of Syrians that NATO supported terrorists murder and maim with hidden landmines.

Marcaillou has done nothing to help clear landmines in Syria.
UN Mine Action Service Director Agnes Marcaillou keeps excellent statistics.
Giant African pouched rats needed to sniff out Biden regime terrorists landmines
These creatures would be more useful than UNMAS, and therefore more noble.

This writer now arrogantly provides unsolicited advice to the ambassador in Geneva and to the SANA reporters.

Mr. Ambassador, if you can’t even fake enough energy to name even a handful of the hundreds of Syrians martyred and dismembered by NATO landmines and IEDs, if you can’t do three minutes of righteous indignation, indicting war criminals for war crimes, if you can’t damn to hell the liars and killers club, maybe you should get some blood labs done, to make sure that you have some functioning red blood cells. If you do, and still can’t work up a sweat, how about taking early retirement, and being replaced with someone who cares enough to at least fake real anger?

To the indolent oafs of SANA –– here’s how to write about landmines as though you give a flying fXXXX:

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Terrible news and truly the way SANA report it and the concerned ambassador in Geneva reacts are not acceptable. This should draw international roar and the victims’ names should be read out loud on every occasion.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    It always breaks my heart to hear about the innocent people getting killed especially by these landmines which should be already cleared with the help of those who call themselves the ‘international community’, however, it hurts more when the Syrian-based news sites and Syrian officials do not mention those victims and highlight their stories as deserved and as you described. Thank you for highlighting this point.

  3. Miri

    The weekly deaths are an abomination, and what amounts to whispering in the attic about them is utterly shameful.

    It’s inexcusable that nobody is demanding that UNMAS live up to that MoU.

    I also can’t understand why the government isn’t making any attempts to circumvent the criminal sanctions and bring in those giant African pouched rats, to safely sniff out buried landmines and other explosives. These rats may be the only way to stop the weekly horrors.

  4. Nora Booher

    I finally read APOPO’s website concerning, concerning the use of rats ? ? ? to clear landmines from any particular country, of course the biggest hurdle to that is usually the availability of funds, I’m practically penniless myself, but I did dabble in Grant writing in a previous life(sic), but before authoring a letter of intent to obtain those funds; do the editors have any idea of the land mass that needs to be cleared, or what organization would take responsibility for seeing to it that the Syrian government would permit these rats to work in the fields?

  5. Miri

    The logistics of importing the the African Giant Pouched Rats can surely be worked out — if those in charge with make a call for them, instead of making these disgraceful whining noises.

  6. Nora Booher

    You’re so right about the whining, and I will address that in a moment, but before that let me just say that apparently, no organization that deals in such issues seems to have any idea how many landmines there are in Syria, or they just aren’t saying; anyway, the approximate surface area of Syria is 185,000,000,000 square meters, if we assume that every square foot of Syria is mined, then by common practice only 30% of that is actually mined, the other 70% is psychological terrorism. Common practice for the minimum number of mines within the mine fields is one per 100 square meters, then we can expect that there are approximately 60 million landmines in Syria.
    I would like to mention at this point that in addition to their other areas of expertise, the Russians are very skilled at landmine neutralization. They convert ordinary agricultural and construction machines into armored vehicles that can not only survive landmine blasts, but also protect the operators. Basically, they just drive over the mines, and drag heavy chains etcetera behind them, and set them off.
    Anyway, the machines and/or the rats offer cost/benefit analysis which includes the costs of resettlement, medical etcetera; however, I believe those human costs have already been sort of covered(no medical and whatever else) so, can we just ignore the human cost? Or no?
    Without any real numbers yet to work with, until maybe the 28th of this month to do some calculations. Let me just say this, that as long as the mines remain in the soil it continues to be an act of war, just as much as when they were placed there. As a general rule it is assumed that for every year that an explosive device remains in the soil, that it will hinder that nation’s ability to economically recover by another decade. This is especially important in the case of the rats ? ? ? ? as it would appear that the very people who control the rats ? ? ? ? also have a vested interest in keeping the mines in the Syrian soil. But, not to worry, I have my own sources, but if in the meantime someone would have the means to contact the Russians concerning the removal of the mines that would be great. Also, many of those mines can be just simply turned off via an electronic signal.

  7. Nora Booher

    So, both Libya and Afghanistan have non-profit NG0’s that do the demineing operations in their respective countries, but Syria only has the Syrian government? Just because Russia is in Syria, these same psychopaths who are in complete control of the UK, US, France, Australia and Israel are trying to provoke Russia in starting a nuclear war from the Ukraine and Black Sea; in the end though, it’s not about nations, religion or any other sort of ideology, but rather a few old men playing chess with human pawns, that’s all that we are to them, a friendly gentleman’s game of Chess that so many of us have no problem with throwing away our lives just to be a part of it.
    Actually, I think that I already have the names of the gents involved and their primary agents to carry out their desires; unimportant at the moment. But, they would probably find an NGO much more preferable than Assad, so for those who are Syrians; ones thoughts should probably concern itself with finding executives to lead this new NGO. My first guesstimate is an initial budget between ten and one hundred million US dollars, so you’ll want personnel that the majority can get behind.

  8. Nora Booher

    So, I have so much censorship and harassment you will need to do the contacting or get someone in Syria, including possibly Assad himself to set up the means to get rid of the landmines.

    In the meantime I will try to obtain an initial promise of $60 million as a start to removing the mines from Syria.


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