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Two Dead, One Injured in Landmine Explosion Near Tadmor; UNMAS Continues to Fail Syria

Landmine explosion in Syria - archive photo

Two more Syrians were murdered and one seriously injured in another landmine explosion. This atrocity occurred fifty kilometers north of Tadmor, in Jabal Abu Rajmin. DAESH and other al Qaeda factions — such as the al Jolani sect recently given a bleaching by PBS illegals and anti-Syria warmongers — continue to bury landmines and other IEDs prior to retreat.

The injured civilian was brought to the Palmyra National Hospital, where his chest wounds and various broken bones were stabilized before he was transferred to a hospital in Homs, for further care.

Despite Agnes Marcaillou having brought her UNMAS entourage to Damascus in July 2018, to do a photoshoot signing an MoU, landmine explosions and their devastation continue to be an ongoing horror in Syria, as the UN Mine Action Service has left sapper work to RussiaArmenia, and trained Syrian specialists. Though the Numbers lady is due for another celebrity guest appearance at the UNSC to drone through her perverse census of death and dismemberment, the SAR might consider training Giant African Pouched Rats to help clean the mines, as they would be more honorable.

There will be no mention of this latest terror atrocity against Syria, though a handful of NATO stenographers and their Gulfie allies did condemn Syrian and Russian jets bombing ISIS terrorists in several villages and towns, on Thursday.

Two more Syrians were murdered, and one was injured in yet another landmine explosion, while UNMAS sits on its expensively manicured hands.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    This is worse than fighting the terrorists and it will be for long before the country is completely cleaned from these killing tools.

  2. miri

    Yes, it’s a triple atrocity, but this Giant African pouched rats need to be brought in, & trained to sniff out buried explosive — no hyperbole in calling them more honorable.

    They are light enough that they can stand of the explosives without detonating them.


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