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Iranian Spy inside the Residence of the Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz

Iranian spy in the house of Israeli war minister Benny Gantz - Black Shadow

A spy inside the residence of the Israeli war minister Benny Gantz with relations to an Iranian organization was arrested, the Israeli internal ‘intelligence’ claimed.

A 37-years old Omri Goren working as ‘cleaner’ in the residence of the notorious war criminal Benny Gantz who was also the chief of staff of the so-called IDF terrorist organization, Israelis like to call it Israel’s ‘Defense’ Forces.

Of course, and as the Israelis always claim, the spy was discovered and arrested before doing any harm and before managing to install spyware in the laptop of the Israeli war criminal Gantz, Israelis always claim no harm and no losses in whatever happens to them, that’s part of their official propaganda system dubbed ‘Hasbara’ which they taught to the officials in the USA, Britain, and others of their allies.

Israeli media reported that the ‘cleaner’ took some photos of the residence from the inside to prove his credentials and offered to work with a shadowy hacking group called ‘Black Shadow’ linked to Iran, somehow.

Israeli opposition is grilling the current Israeli junta and its extensive security apparatuses for their failure in screening the staff working closely with its top officials, the same Benny Gantz was also subject to an alleged hacking into his mobile phone in March 2019 by the same Iranian group which hasn’t acknowledged the hack till date.

A Palestinian child kidnapped by 21 heavily armed Israeli 'security' criminals
The reality of ‘Israel’

Israel is hostile to all its neighbors due to its core nature a cancerous settling entity planted in the heart of the Arab world and populated with millions of imported European settlers who stole the land of the real Semite people of the Levant, it continues to attack all its neighbors and threatens extended neighbors while playing the victim role all the time, its leaders and so-called defense forces are terrorists of former terrorist groups described as such by its main creator the British occupiers of Palestine.

It would take some time before finding out whether any serious leaks the alleged Iranian group managed to obtain through this spy, such information will be only distributed in one of the Israelis political battles when they attack each other, or if the alleged Iranian group decides to announce what they managed to put their hands on.

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