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Syria Drug Enforcement Confiscates 25kg of Captagon Pills in Damascus

Syrian law enforcement seize captagon pills ضبط حبوب كبتاجون في سورية

Syria’s Drug Enforcement Bureau in Damascus confiscated 180,000 Captagon pills on 15 November. Weighing 25 kg /55 lbs, the meth on steroids was discovered hidden in an undisclosed number of candy boxes.

For obvious reasons, no further details were provided by law enforcement, except to say that investigation are under way to arrest all the traffickers involved.

Ever since the United States of America and its European cronies, Israeli welfare queen, and their Gulfies stooges waged their war on the Syrian people by force-exporting the surplus of their democracies to the Syrian people with the help of over 350,000 anti-Islamic suicide terrorists brought in from all corners of the world, there was an astronomical rise in the smuggling of Captagon into the country and the production of it in areas still under the control of the NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ of Al Qaeda and its ilk.

The Syrian law enforcement with the help of the Syrian armed forces and the Syrian people have managed to confiscate massive quantities of Captagon, Hashish, and other brain-‘stimulating’ drugs used mainly by the terrorists to enable them to commit their crimes with no remorse.

Prior to the US-led war of terror on the Syrian people, the country prided itself being among the few countries around the world with the lowest levels of crimes, and traffickers were avoiding using the Syrian territories for transit due to the harsh laws and absence of law in the regions controlled by the terrorists, and high awareness of the communities, it’ll take us a long time to restore our country to its previous levels of security and stability.

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  1. Nora Booher

    Interesting chemical structure, if like the author says, that is what it’s supposed to be; just looking at it tells that the first decomposition product in the body would be a highly addictive hypnotic. It’s design from the very beginning had to have had an evil intent. But, as long as our courts, etcetera, etcetera are staffed by the sort that belong more appropriately in mental institutions and maximum security prisons, these sort of crimes will go on forever.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    We need many generations to cleanse our society from all the issues brought on us, there are not any people in the world who have been subjected to such a vicious war for so long by so many like us, and just because we didn’t harm any other country throughout our entire history and all of them have harmed us.

  3. Nora Booher

    Maybe this is the reason why so many Zionists wage war on Syria, however, this is not my sort of God reasoning.
    33. Tophet-literally, “A place of abomination”; the valley of the sons of Hinnom, southeast of Jerusalem, where Israel offered human sacrifices to Moloch by fire; hence a place of burning (2Ki 23:10; Jer 7:31). Latterly Gehinnom or Gehenna, that is, valley of Hinnom, was the receptacle of the refuse of the city, to consume which fires were constantly burning. Hence it came to express hell, the place of torment. In the former sense it was a fit place to symbolize the funeral pyre of the Assyrian army (not that it actually perished there); the Hebrews did not burn, but buried their dead, but the heathen Assyrians are to be burnt as a mark of ignominy. In the latter sense Tophet is the receptacle “prepared for the devil (antitype to the king, Isa 14:12-15) and his angels,” and unbelieving men (Mt 5:22; 25:41; Mr 9:43, 44).


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