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SDF Armed Insurrection Courtesy of US Worried about Domestic Terror

There is no difference between SDF & ISIS gangs; both are terrorists armed against the state.

SDF armed insurrectionist gang went on a several hour ethnic cleansing and mass kidnapping rampage on 8 October, courtesy of the besieged US taxpayer. The lowly terrorist thugs were backed up by Biden regime supremacist military forces — four days after the DoJ announced that it, and the FBI would be investigating rude or screaming parents as potential domestic terrorists. Our news has bombarded us with knowledge of the latter, while omitting the former.

The US-owned and NATO-trained ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ thugs raided Tel Brak and its surrounding villages of Smehan, Tel Farass, and al Jassaa, all in the northeastern Hasakah governate. They kidnapped one hundred persons, beat up senior citizens, and stole everything that was not nailed down — all under the watchful eye of the Biden occupation military.

These recent mass kidnappings, beatings, thefts under the protection of the Biden military occupation forces was punishment for the uppity, indigenous locals having tried to prevent the separatist Kurdish terrorists from appropriating the electrical transformer that feeds electricity to the region, because opening fire on patriots trying to protect community property, shooting sixteen of them, and murdering one, simply was not enough deadly punishment.

Syrian Tribes and Clans of al Hasakah condemned the SDF terrorism as “violation of all ethical and humanitarian standards,” in a statement to SANA, expressing “support to the locals in Tal Barak area in facing those who tried to attack the public properties, asserting that preserving them is considered as ‘a national and ethical duty.’

Syrian Tribes & Clans condemned the most recent wave of terrorism by the SDF.
Syrian Tribes & Clans condemned the most recent wave of terrorism by the SDF.

In lieu of posting a photographic gallery of some of the most heinous atrocities committed by the armed insurrectionist SDF, we offer a few hyperlinks to complete articles: How NATO jumpstarted the SDF; the car bomb detonated next to the Church of the Virgin Mary, which the separatist Kurds tried to close down; burning wheat fields in Qamishli; preventing water vehicles from entering; blocking deliveries of flour to commercial bakeries; massacre of thirteen unarmed security personnel; deadly shootings in Manbij; preventing citizens from voting, just to name a few.

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Syria News must remind our readers that the ongoing crimes of the NATO/US-supported armed insurrectionist SDF have been mostly neglected by warmongering media, though fully supported by the fascist junta that occupies the United Nations, the UN which in August issued a warning about a future very diverse terror threat, a warning similar to the one first issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

In June 2019, in breach of the Charter, the UNSG’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, brought the armed insurrection gang into Geneva, to sign a promise to cross its heart and not kidnap Syrian kids anymore, not to bring them into war criminal military training camps.

Post signing of the sham agreement — after five months of negotiation — UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric ridiculously claimed the Action Plan did “not lend the SDF legitimacy.” No one explained why the official UN Geneva photo credits of the meeting that had Virginia Gambia seemingly titillated were all captioned, “After the signing of the country’s commitment to stop recruiting child soldiers.

There was no “country” at this meeting — just a group representing the armed insurrectionists.

Dujarric may be the UN’s best smoke and mirrors person; on 27 August 2020, he actually held a presser claiming that delegates to the Constitutional Committee meeting who had somehow seroconverted from COVID negative to COVID positive were somehow also safe to physically meeting less than three days after the seroconversion (video, here)

We also shoulder the responsibility to again note that the NATO supremacists ruling the UN have supported both the NATO SDF armed insurrectionists and NATO Turkey‘s war criminal invasion and atrocities against Syria and its citizenry. They turn the proverbial blind eye to when these gangs of competing terrorists slaughter Syrian civilians while engaging in what is, essentially, fratricide among NATO operatives, as occurred in Afrin, Syria, 12 October, which claimed the lives of eight civilians.

US taxpayers and Americans who are concerned by the idea of various federal law enforcement launching investigations into reputed threats against school personnel, and all those watching the January 6th Committee should pay close attention to the warmonger shell game against Syria, and the deadly, hypocritical double standards.

The YPG used to be the armed faction of the separatist, armed insurrectionist Kurds. As it is on the US terror list, the US told the gang to change its name; it became the SDF.

Mouaz Moustafa recently condemned the YPG without calling it by its now correct name.

Moustafa is the Executive Director of the 501(c) charity that functions a war propaganda think tank, the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF also accepts donations for an Arkansas based charity without charity status, which seems to function in some type of Epstein-like activity with little girls in Idlib). Though not Libyan, he was previously director of the Libyan Council of North America (his fantastic bio, here). In 2013, he functioned as John McCain’s translator, when the US senator illegally entered Syria to meet with kidnappers and other terrorists.

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as ‘the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives’ (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85). —

He has also been translator for Congressman Adam Kinzinger, when he met with terrorists (US legal definition, below) in Turkey, September 2014. The white savior humanitarian cover story was that of bringing together moderate “armed opposition” willing to ”fight” ISIS and willing to destroy the Syrian government. When questioned about trust, he told CNN “that’s what we have to find out…” and he showed his willingness to use taxpayer monies to find out.

One of the Illinois congressman’s guests was the FSA head Abdul Jabbar al Okaidi. Eleven months earlier, the NYT actually voiced concern over Okaidi’s alliance with ISIS terrorist Abu Jandal al-Masri (“the Egyptian” in the SAR who obviously was not Syrian) after the terrorist gangs had united to attack and commandeer the Mengh Military base (one might ponder the thought of Kinzinger giving the benefit of the doubt to a ‘moderate’ armed opposition in the US joining with a terror gang on everyone’s terror list, to attack a US military base on US soil and slaughter US soldiers.). Still, the esteemed congressman will spare no amount of US taxpayer money to ascertain trust of insurrectionists.

Moustafa continues to be the translator for the Caesar con, the guy in the cheap rayon blue hoodie, who still does not speak English, despite being in US witness protection for at least 8 years (the rabid dogs of war on The Hill made multiple unsuccessful attempts to pass a bill named for the con, until finally tacking it on to the fascist NDAA, in December 2019).

He had no problem ”kickin it” with Bernard Henri Levy — the philosopher-director who acts as a French intelligence operative — despite BHL being co-founder of “Justice for Kurds,” a “Franco-American initiative to defend a loyal friend of the west…”, whose chair is the US philanthropist-billionaire Dr. Thomas Kaplan, who happens to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

BHL has criminally entered Syria to kick it with SDF armed insurrectionist Mazloum Abdi — who previously kicked it with Gamba, in Geneva — who has taken the name of the German company that built the station in Ain al Arab during the Ottoman occupation, Kobane, as his ridiculous nom de guerre.

When it comes to expanding the wealth and power of the Military Industrial Complex, and its destruction of sovereignty, there is no whoredom too vile in which to engage.

Frick and frack continue to kick it over concern that the SAR continues to win the fight against the NATO Spring. Frick has derived his impunity to lie about chemical weapons from the OPCW (lies that the NATO watchdog group have admitted in the various official findings, all of which can be found, here, along with a list explaining its many abbreviations.)

Bedfellows: One claims to hate NATO SDF, the other loves both SDF and NATO Turkey.
Bedfellows: One claims to hate NATO SDF, the other loves both SDF and NATO Turkey — as long as Syria is harmed.

During this time when world leaders and diplomats have suddenly become cognizant of racism and inequality, how is it that the media allow them to ignore deadly colonialism, its parent? How do they shamelessly cluck over the Republican former bomber pilot trying to blubber for the cameras while speaking before the January 6th Committee, while feigning oblivion to his support for moderate armed insurrections in Syria? In this phony time of alleged partisanship, how do they ignore that key politicians of both parties support what the US government’s definition of terrorism is, against Syria?

Why do we permit the deadly double standards, the deadly hypocrisy?

On 29 September, the National School Boards Association sent an official letter to President Biden. Written by the skillful attorney co-signatory, no civilized person could possibly take umbrage with his RE: and opening paragraph, nor could any civilized person not be concerned over the deluge of news reports suggesting that school board members are under immediate and real threats of violence.

A bit disturbing is that the corroborating footnotes included in the six-page letter are mostly headlines about various forms of rudeness, including but not limited to, cursing, flinging insults (including the insult of giving the “Nazi salute” to someone perceived to be a dictator wannabe) mocking, and lack of empathy. There is also one footnote that surely was an accident, that involving a man who threatened to execute pharmacists.

The NSBA called for the invocation of the Patriot Act and other legislation that would arrest, prosecute, convict, and incarcerate certain persons based on these laws.

Coincidentally, also on 29 September, a federal grand jury indicted a Texas man on “federal charges of threats transmitted by interstate communication;” though the indictment was unsealed 12 October.

Four days before the SDF went on its mass kidnapping of Syrians rampage, backed by the Biden regime military invaders and occupiers of Syria, the Department of Justice came through for the NSBA and its lawyer. DoJ announced it was putting together a bloviated task force to provide “specialized training” to “help school board members and other potential victims [to understand what behavior constitutes threats, how to report threatening conduct and to which law enforcement agencies, and how to ‘preserve evidence’],” and “to determine how federal enforcement tools can be used to prosecute these crimes.”

Nowhere in its press release does the DoJ suggest the task force will give frightened members of school boards guidance on how to distinguish between rudeness and threats — something which the MSM have also somehow missed.

This is especially disconcerting, given that much of the massive news reporting has been a bit biased, with none taking into account what has made parents angry enough to be rude in public, or that some boards have arbitrarily shut down meetings when some members did not like questions or statements.

Historically, fear has always been more readily marketed than calm.

This does not, however, give the MSM carte blanche to avoid any modicum of journalistic integrity. Perhaps, instead of constant name-calling and calls for censorship, an occasional report on why some parents are frustrated enough to be publicly rude, might help to prevent future eruptions.

We may also keep in mind that on the rare occasions that media reverse their propaganda reports, the timing tends occur years after the deadly damage is done; consider the hoax of the lying, crying, Nariyah. She was touted as an altruistic teen who gave up her summer vacation to volunteer in a neonatal intensive care unit.

This sweet, innocent-faced adult woman was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, and the connivance involved large sums of money, but did not involve the ejection of the corrupt politician for the part he played (he remained in office until the the grim reaper visited).

Nariyah’s putrid lies could not have been possible without the complicity of the corrupt media. In turn, her deadly story was used by the Bush I regime to garner support to invade Iraq — for humanitarian reasons, of course — leading to the slaughter of between 100k-200k civilians and 20k-35k soldiers defending their country within its recognized borders.

As this slightly jaded author suspects there will be many more DoJ indictments forthcoming, she respectfully requests that her compatriots who are attempting to devour each other, drop their emotional reactions and get an intellectual grip on the geopolitical reality, the geopolitical hypocrisy.

Should we fight each other over the definitions of free speech, domestic terrorism, the January 6th Committee, while we ignore the fact that our government — no matter which party may be at the helm — is supporting the SDF armed terrorist insurrection against Syria, and backing up the SDF with our military forces that breach international law in having invaded the Levantine republic?

Miri Wood

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  1. Roy Booher

    A wonderful, powerful essay, but as you say, “Epstien like”, but not quite, because the usual mode of operation is to cut the little girl’s throat afterwards, at least here in the US that’s how it’s done; Epstein must have had half a heart that he didn’t do the same.

  2. Peter

    “SDF armed insurrectionist gang” ??? LOL.

    You’re referring to the government of North East Syria. Show some respect, you Turkish losers.

    • Arabi Souri

      Not sure what weed you’re on, but definitely it’s very strong..

      Government of what? Turkish what? Are you sure you’re in the right place?

      Maybe overdosed? Wake up, we’re no longer in ISIS times, the US is leaving the region and dumping all its proxies behind, as it always does.

  3. Miri

    Some have so been devoured by NATO propaganda that they cannot recognize that Syria is not a backyard for NATO invaders, occupiers, and killers.

    We’ve shared the US legal definition of “terrorism,” and though there is no unified, international definition, most countries have similar ones.

    Those who take up arms to destroy countries in which they live, are terrorists, armed insurrectionists.

    Western supremacists — politicians, diplomats, and those who’ve been fed too much stenography journalism — seem to forget that what is hateful to one, should not be done to others.

    Civilized human beings who recognize terror/armed insurrection in their own countries, do not consider terrorists ‘freedom fighters’ in other people’s countries.

  4. Miri

    In May-June, Scott Smith’s arrest at the Loudon county school board meeting was included in a cobbled video shown in various news report, using it as an example of “Parents Gone Wild” — & posing a possible hazard against board members. No media source mentioned that it was his 15 year old daughter’s brutal rape in a school bathroom that he was trying to get the board to acknowledge, at the time of his arrest.

    From Newsweek:

    We must honestly listen to all voices.

  5. Miri

    On 22 October, the NSBA Board of Directors apologized to the NSBA members for ‘language’ written by the board’s attorney, calling upon President Biden to investigate rude/angry parents as possible ”domestic terrorists.” The apology did not extend to the defamed parents, nor was there a call for the DoJ to stop organizing massive task forces to see who might possibly be indicted under the Patriot Act, but it is reassuring that the NSBA is engaged in some soul searching.


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