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Minister Jaafari Explains Recognition of Donetsk & Lugansk Independence

Dr. Jaafari in his hour-long interview.

In an interview aired on Al Ikhbariaya and Al Suriah stations, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Bashar al Jaafari explained the geopolitical significance in recognition of the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

The esteemed Minister noted that recognition was set in motion on 21 December 2021. This first meeting was also reported by the Twitter account of the Syrian Presidency.

The Syrian Presidency on Twitter explains how President Assad offered Syria’s recognition of the Donetsk Republic during a meeting with representatives of the republic in Damascus on 21 December 2021

It is essential to point out that the impending recognition predated the Biden regime’s saber-rattling against Russia, its ongoing and unwavering support for the Nazimaidan Coup that only cost US taxpayers five billion bipartisan dollars, according to the public bragging of Victoria Nuland, in December 2013.

It is also imperative that US Americans, currently besieged by food and housing insecurity and runaway inflation, be fully cognizant of the fact that we use the term Nazi, literally. Several screenshots, including from the Jewish Telegraph Agency of literal Nazi supporters, are included, here, and an additional photograph of Nazimaidans with the Nazi flag, can be found, here.

Syria News must also adhere to the responsibility of reminding our readers that the situation in Ukraine was minimally stable, until Biden’s mouth, Jen Psaki, announced that the US — world leader in the false flag provocation to drop bombs and create regime change (Tonkin, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Khan Sheikhoun, Douma, and al Hasaka, Syria, et al.) — was aware of [its fabricated] reports that Russia was plotting false flags in Ukraine. Such criminal propaganda is generally attributed to Goebbels, but is actually from Hitler’s Mein Kampf: “[T]hat in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily…”.

CIA first to report on Psaki's Big Lie. Dr. Jaafari described the entire operation as western creative chaos.
CIA first to report on Psaki’s Big Lie. Dr. Jaafari described the entire operation as western creative chaos.

Minister al Jaafari began his interview with the following sublime statement: “The events related to the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and Russia’s declaration of recognizing their independence from Ukraine has to do with geopolitics, and therefore everyone is concerned with this matter.”

Dr. Jaafari further noted that “the principle for Syria is to confront Western policies with all those who are willing to do so in the interest of our peoples, nations, stability and all peoples. Therefore, confronting the hegemony policies is required of everyone, meaning that our policy on this issue is principled, and we stand with Moscow in its justified and legitimate sense that its national security is at risk. All the important historical stations in our contemporary history were carefully read, and the events proved that our position is proper.”

Dr. Jaafari on France (archive).
Dr. Jaafari on France (archive).

Though led by the US war machine regime, the Brits — who lied about Iraq and WMDs, who stole Venezuelan gold reserves — have also engaged in supremacist threats of illicit sanctions (according to the UN Charter, sanctions may only be applied via a Security Council Resolution). Foreign Secretary Liz Truss feigned wanton ignorance of Russia’s geography; in a closed meeting, she told Minister Lavrov that the empire would never recognize Rostov and Voronezh as part of Russia, despite these two cities being in Russia. NATO media referred to her fabricated ignorance as the euphemistic gaffe, caused by “classic Russian propaganda.”

In pure imperial fashion, Truss also demanded that Russia move its military from within its border, though she stopped short of suggesting they all go to Moscow.

Arrogant NATO supremacist Truss feigned ignorance of geography, while threatening Russia, fitting in to Dr. Jaafari's statement that the civilized world must take an interest in these threats.
Arrogant NATO supremacist Truss feigned ignorance of geography, while threatening Russia, fitting in to Dr. Jaafari’s statement that the civilized world must take an interest in these threats.

In his uniquely diplomatic art form, Dr. Jaafari tossed a bouquet of reality to DC and Europe, noting that it is the west that is the cause of the current crisis, placed at the Russian border.

Miri Wood


Though the transcript of Minister Jaafari’s hour-long interview is not currently available, SANA has provided synopses in Arabic and English.

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