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Biden Forces: Collective Punishment; Start of Raqqa-izing Hasakah

Biden occupation war criminals bombed the Technical Institute in al Hasakah.

Biden regime occupation illegals have begun implementing collective punishment against the indigenous people of al Hasakah, Syria, which is not part of the United States of America, though this Levantine Republic has battled against direct deadly American imperialism, since March 2011, and for decades before through proxies and when the US and UK invaded neighboring Iraq. The beginning of the Raqqa-ization of al Hasakah is seen in the US military illegals aerial bombing and destruction of the Technical Institute.

Biden illegals bombing Hasakah governate; imagine France occupying & bombing Pennsylvania.
Biden illegals bombing Hasakah governate; imagine France occupying & bombing Pennsylvania.

Since Syria News reported on Daesh detonating car bombs at the al Sina’a/Industrial Secondary School Prison which is occupied by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists who are protected by the Biden regime military illegals, allowing dozens of al Qaeda detainees to escape, these criminal military forces have begun a fierce collective punishment against the indigenous Syrians struggling under brutal foreign occupation.

Collective punishments are banned under the post World War I Hague Regulations and under the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions. We note that it is unlikely for an imperial country that no longer declares wars — simply makes them — to avoid the loophole of being publicly accused of perpetrating war crimes (e.g., arming and funding terrorism, bombing bridges, torching wheat fields, looting another country’s grain and fuel, etc.) to not perpetrate the atrocity known as collective punishments.

“…no one may be convicted of an offence except on the basis of individual criminal responsibility…”

Since the Biden warplanes bombed and destroyed the Technical Institute building — because terrorists under their occupation conveniently broke loose — these American illegals have also bombed “residential buildings surrounding the prison in the city, including buildings of Economy College, and Civil Engineering, in addition to a number of houses in al-Zouhour neighborhood.”

US taxpayers will be impressed that State Department brags of giving $1.3 billion to terrorists in Syria, while food, job, & housing insecurity continue to increase.

In addition to the bombings, the US-created SDF terrorists have also engaged in more abductions of Syrians, while forced displacement — as thousands of Syrians are forced to flee bombings of homes, businesses, and educational buildings.

America supremacist CENTCOM illegals issued a criminally arrogant, colonialist statement on the deadly chaos the Biden regime created in the occupied Ghweran neighborhood of al Hasakah, Syria, omitting the forced displacement and bombing of homes and other infrastructure, lying that the DAESH detainees held by the SDF terror gang have been re-abducted. Sounding as though written by Nazi Goebbels, the terrorist CENTCOM idiotically stated that the car bomb attacks made al Qaeda “ultimately weaker,” and in complete NATO terrorist fashion claimed the fraudulent “right to defend itself and partner forces against any threat” — despite its deadly actions in the Syrian Arab Republic being war crimes.

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as ‘the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives’ (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85). — (another reminder that what the USA defines as terrorism, is also terrorism in Syria)

The criminals have been at it, for years, as noted in this photograph of 2017. The American illegal was reported elsewhere to be an unnamed general. The SDF terrorist to his left is Mazloum Abdi. Abdi was made the centerpiece of UN Geneva’s Virginia Gambia’s illicit June 29 Action Plan of 2019, in flagrant breach of the noble UN Charter.

Photo of US and lapdog SDF terrorists in Syria, in 2017, before the Trump criminals became Biden ones.
Photo of US and lapdog SDF terrorists in Syria, in 2017, before the Trump criminals became Biden ones.

In October 2015, His Excellency Bashar al Jaafari attempted to ‘spoon feed logic‘ to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Dr. Bashar Jaafari spoon-feeding logic to the viewers of MSNBC
Dr. Bashar Jaafari spoon-feeding logic to the viewers of MSNBC

Dr. Jaafari explained that al Raqqa was a city of 800,000 Syrians being held hostage by 3,000 al Qaeda terrorists. As such, the government had to be judicious not to harm civilians while attempting to eradicate terrorist savages.

Two years later, US war criminals and their stenography media were joyfully reporting on the obliteration of al Raqqa, calling the hideous destruction, liberation, and cheering supremacist human garbage and the Obama-created terrorist SDF.

Imagine Paris, London, or New York City being turned to rubble, and the world giving itself high fives and belly bumps.

Two days after the onset of the deadly attack overseen by the Biden military illegals, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry issued a statement of condemnation of the war crimes and crimes against humanity, demanding the withdrawal of criminal US and criminal Turkish forces from the homeland.

During the past few days, Daesh (ISIS) and QSD [SDF] gangs committed massacres against the civilians and massive destruction in the infrastructure in Hasaka province.”

The Ministry also called upon “UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Program, UNICEF, and all other humanitarian organizations to provide all forms of assistance to thousands of Syrian people who were forced to displace from places of residence to the open in these harsh weather conditions.”

“Syria called on the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security and protecting innocent civilians in the north and northeast Syria and help deal with this new humanitarian catastrophe before it worsens.”

It is unlikely that the SAR is holding its breath while awaiting a response from the humanitarian bastards of the world, or from the UNSC which is controlled by the NATO Nazi junta.

At this writing, there has been no call for an emergency meeting at the United Nations.

The US Ambassador to the UN has been busy threatening Russia over the Ukraine.

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio “Sargassum” Guterres has completely ignored these crimes against humanity and war crimes in al Hasakah — as he previously ignored the calls of Aboriginal tribal leaders in Australia — apparently too busy reading from Schwab’s World Economic Forum, or making mouth noises on dignity, decency, truth, mistrust, injustice, racism, sounds which belie his lack of righteous leadership.

UNSG Antonio Guterres is, as always, ignoring Biden regime forces war crimes in Syria.
UNSG Antonio Guterres is, as always, ignoring Biden regime forces war crimes in Syria.

Supremacist CENTCOM, under the Biden regime, appears to wish to turn al Hasakah to rubble, and declare the obliteration “liberation,” as Obama did to al Raqqa.

Turning a city of 800,000 into rubble appears to be a new priority of the Biden occupation forces in Syria.
Turning a city of 800,000 into rubble appears to be a new priority of the Biden occupation forces in Syria.

Miri Wood

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  1. Miri

    25 January: The UN has begun the process of further normalizing the US-SDF occupation of the Ghweiran prison (& the balkanization of the SAR with acknowledgement of the ”al Roj” criminal detention camp, a new one created by the terrorist SDF under the protection of the Biden regime American illegals).

    This report accepts the report from unnamed sources that 700 minor boys are also held in captivity in the occupied Ghweiran prison.

    To be disgustingly blunt, minor children held as detainees in a facility holding thousands of adult men are their for purposes of sexual degeneracy — once again ignored by that bastion of peace and security.

  2. Miri

    A series of degenerate photographs of bare-foot, and otherwise inappropriately dressed (e.g., inside-worn clothing, no outerwear, with shirts pulled up and pants pulled down) Syrian children ‘rescued’ from tents collapsing from the weight of heavy snows, recently appeared throughout social media.

    The disdain toward these children, & the perverse partial nudity initially suggested Helmet involvement in ‘rescue,’ but there were none to be seen.

    UN ‘humanitarian-ist’ Mark Cutts reported on generic ”humanitarian workers” engaging in rescue-ings, neglecting to wonder why children were brought out of tents with unnecessary skin shown for the cameras.

    Anyone who has been a mother knows that a mom will strip herself naked to try to wrap her children, to keep them warm.

    Were these children brought out with skin showing to increase emotional reaction, for more fund-raising, or for something even more nefarious?


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