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Tunisian Security Arrest a Suicide Bombing Lady Returning from Syria

Tunisia Ministry of Interior arrest lady suicide bomber returning from Syria - الأمن الوطني التونسي يلقي القبض على انتحارية عائدة من سورية

Tunisian National Security agency managed to foil a suicide bombing attack to be carried out by a lady upon her return from Syria via Turkey, the country’s Ministry of Interior stated yesterday, 28 January.

The suspect, 22 years old Tunisian national, spent time in northern Syria training on the use of the suicide vest and has established connections with a terrorist group active in Tunisia for her plotted operation, she was plotting to target a tourism attraction in Tunisia.

‘We received information that a 22-year-old girl intended to carry out a terrorist attack in our country, after returning from Syria, where she joined a terrorist organization and received training,’ the Ministry of Interior said in its statement.

‘She traveled to Turkey in the summer of 2020, and with the help of a Syrian, she moved to Syria in 2021, where she joined a terrorist organization and received training in preparation for a suicide operation,’ the suspect said during investigations the ministry added and concluded: ‘after conducting the necessary investigations, the suspect was arrested at Carthage International Airport, as she was arriving from Turkey on January 10th.’

The Tunisian terrorist, the partner of the suicide bomber had already been arrested lately in connection to plotting and preparing terrorist attacks targeting Tunisian officials during last year.

Ever since the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Ennahda movement in Tunisia reached power in Tunisia, not only Tunisia itself was a scene of deadly terrorist attacks the most infamous was the terrorist attack against beachgoers in Souse in July 2015 which left 38 tourists killed and 39 others injured, Tunisia had been a hub to train and export terrorists of the worst kind to a number of other countries on the list of the US-sponsored ‘Arab Spring’ colored revolutions, mainly Syria.

Thousands of Tunisian young men were sent to Syria to join the ‘Syrian opposition’ of ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘peaceful protesters’ of brainwashed ignorant Muslim Brotherhood radicals pouring into the country from all sides of the planet mainly through Turkey.

This latest arrest and the information revealed by the lady terrorist, the ease of movement through Turkey, and her training on the suicide vest and other terrorist tactics in areas controlled by the Turkish army and its affiliated terrorist groups in northern Syria are evidence that the Arab Spring plot is very much ongoing by the same parties that created Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front and HTS), ISIS, FSA, and their affiliated terrorists, the most active parties of the sponsors of these terrorists remain Turkey under the Muslim Brotherhood AKP party led by Erdogan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for the funding, and naturally the NATO member states led by the USA who support the Turkish and other terrorists in Syria.

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