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The Syrian Army Frees 5 Soldiers Kidnapped by Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists exchange 5 kidnapped Syrian soldiers and the body of an IRGC officer with 3 of their suicide bombers arrested by the Syrian Army. 30 Jan. 2022 - Al Tronba crossing - Saraqib, Idlib

The Syrian Army in Hama released five Army soldiers kidnapped by a NATO-sponsored terrorist group in exchange for 3 suicide terrorists arrested 1.5 years ago.

At 12:30 pm today, Sunday 30 January, the Syrian Arab Army carried out a humanitarian exchange through a ‘mediator’ with NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda-affiliated so-called ‘Jaysh Izza‘ terrorist group in which the army secured the release of 5 soldiers kidnapped by the terrorist group 19 months ago in the village of Tal Nassiriyah in Hama countryside, local sources confirmed.

In addition to the soldiers released, the Syrian Army managed to retrieve the body of an Iranian military advisor who was killed by this same Turkey (NATO) sponsored terrorist group. Some reports say the assassinated Iranian military advisor is for the IRGC officer Daryoush Darasti, this information needs confirmation.

The Syrian authorities have arrested a large number of terrorists most of who are foreign terrorists whose countries refuse to repatriate them, especially those sent from European countries, the terrorists are only sponsored to kill and maim Syrians and the European officials scream about the ‘human rights’ of these terrorists but only if they remain in Syria and carry out their terrorism against the Syrian people, the same European official become mute when the ‘human rights’ of their citizens are raised in order to return them to their homelands.

‘Jaysh Izza’ is one of the dozens of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups operating freely in southern Idlib and northern Hama countryside in the northwest of Syria, in addition to dozens of other Al Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups operating freely and under the protection of NATO’s top two armies: the US and Turkish armies both illegally deployed in Syria under the guise of combating those same terrorists!

The Syrian authorities do not hold Syrians who fought against the state and the Syrian army if they did not inflict any harm on other Syrians, the ongoing presidential amnesties throughout the past 11 years and the reconciliation process make sure those armed men return to their normal lives taking in consideration that the majority of them were forced to join the terrorist groups to protect their families and in exchange for food when their town and villages were invaded by NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.

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