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SAA Enters Morek and Surrounds Turkish Regime Observation Point 9

Turkish observation point 9 in Morek Hama northern countryside besieged by SAA

Syrian Arab Army units have entered the city of Morek, one of the strongholds of NATO terrorists in northern Hama countryside and laid a siege surrounding Erdogan soldiers in the Observation Point 9.

Morek was one of the bonus towns the SAA cleaned from NATO terrorists of Nusra Front, Izzat Army, and their affiliates when liberating the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun a couple of days ago.

The importance of Morek other than its strategic location controlling M5, the existence of what was supposed to be an observation point manned by Erdogan forces as per the Astana agreements to implement a ceasefire while the Turkish regime disarms Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant) from heavy weapons and push them 20 kilometers far from the M5 artery highway that connects Syria’s southern provinces including the capital Damascus with Syria’s northern provinces including Aleppo, instead, double-faced Erdogan used the ceasefire observed by the Syrian Armed Forces only to empower Nusra Front (again Al-Qaeda Levant or HTS) and its affiliates with more advanced weapons, personnel, and intelligence info allowing them to bomb indiscriminately the Syrian towns within their reach and even bomb the Russian military airbase at Hmeimim.

Today, the SAA units operating on their land defending their people and their country have managed to lay a full siege around that observation point 9 which one hour earlier the Turkish regime’s FM vowed that nobody can besiege their outpost.

The Syrian state, and its Russian allies, have voiced their protests and their fading patience at the practices of the Turkish regime and its failure in obliging to its own commitments as per Sochi, Astana agreements, also what Erdogan personally promised Russian President Mr. Putin in what was known as Idlib Agreement to observe a temporary ceasefire that expired last October 2018, yet the Turks were given continuous extensions just to prove their ill and evil intentions towards their Syrian southern neighbors.

Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel’s reporter was airing live from in front of the Turkish observation point 9 and was mocking Turkish regime’s FM promise:

Now the Turks inside the observation point they didn’t vacate voluntarily when the SAA took control of Khan Sheikhoun and the bonus villages and towns, have to vacate the post only after obtaining the SAA’s approval and at SAA’s terms and conditions.

God bless the non-stoppable heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies until every inch of Syria is cleaned from NATO terrorists and Erdogan thugs and Trump’s mercenaries.

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