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The Entirety of Northern Hama Countryside is Clean from NATO Terrorists

Syrian Arab Army SAA Soldiers - hama - idlib

After weeks of fierce battles with the worse enemies of mankind, the NATO-sponsored terrorists of Al-Qaeda FSA Nusra Front and its affiliates, the Syrian Arab Army declares the entirety of Hama northern countryside and its villages are clean from terror.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces issued a statement confirming the eradicating of terrorists from a number of their previous strongholds which they have massively and intensively fortified and barricaded themselves in for the past many years, the statement named a number of villages and towns which were liberated in addition to the prize city of Khan Sheikhoun (Khan Shaykhoun).

The work is in progress to clean the liberated areas from landmines and explosives planted by the terrorists, the statement added.

Below is a video released by the Syrian Arab official News Agency SANA showing a network of tunnels and caves dug by the terrorists in the hills and mountains in northern Hama countryside, and the facilities NATO agents supervised to keep the terrorists fighting for months, had they had any courage to face God’s men on Earth the Syrian Arab Army heroes.

The video also includes the above-mentioned army statement in Arabic with English subtitles.

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the statement’s translation in English followed by the transcript in Arabic:

A statement issued by the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces

With great determination and absolute confidence in our victory, our armed forces operating in northern Hama and southern Idlib continued its field progress and defeated the armed terrorist organizations that were based in the area after incurring heavy losses among them in personnel and in gears.

After heavy strikes over the previous days and tightening the ring on the entire northern countryside of Hama our brave soldiers cleared the following towns and villages: Khan Shaykhun, Morek, Latamneh, Tallet Sayyad, Mustawda’at, Wadi al-Anz, Wadi al-Asal, Kafr Zita, Latmeen, Ma’arkebba, Lahaya West, Lahaya East, Tal Fas, Tal Latmeen, Wadi Hasmin, Wadi Qasmin, Ka’b Faras, and the advance continues at high pace which stripped the armed terrorist organizations from the ability to stop the rush of our army heroes who are determined to purge the entire Syrian geography of the abomination of terrorism and its sponsors.

The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces declaring these and surrounding areas free from armed terrorism, it confirms that work is underway to clear these villages and towns of improvised explosive devices and dense minefields which were planted by the terrorists which will allow the civilians to return to their homes and farms and harvest their annual crops as soon as possible.

Damascus on August 23, 2019
General Command of the Army and Armed Forces

End of the English transcript of the statement

Arabic transcript of the SAA GC statement:

بيان صادر عن القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة

بتصميم كبير وثقة مطلقة بالنصر واصلت قواتنا المسلحة العاملة في شمالي حماه وجنوب ادلب تقدمها الميداني ودحر التنظيمات الإرهابية المسلحة التي كانت تتمركز في المنطقة بعد تكبيدها خسائر فادحة في الأرواح والمعدات

فبعد ضربات مكثفة على مدار الأيام السابقة وإحكام الطوق على ريف حماة الشمالي كاملاً تمكن جنودنا الشجعان من تطهير البلدات والقرى التالية: خان شيخون، مورك، اللطامنة، تلة الصياد، المستودعات، وادي العنز، وادي العسل، كفر زيتا، لطمين، معركبة، لحايا غربية، لحايا شرقية، تل فاس، تل لطمين، وادي حسمين، وادي قسمين، كعب الفرس

وما يزال التقدم مستمراً بوتائر عالية أفقدت التنظميات الإرهابية المسلحة القدرة على وقف اندفاع أبطال جيشنا المصممين على تطهير كامل الجغرفيا السورية من رجس الإرهاب ورعاته

إن القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة إذ تعلن هذه المناطق وما حولها خالية من الإرهاب المسلح فإنها تؤكد أن العمل جار لتطهير هذه القرى والبلدات من العبوات الناسفة وحقول الألغام الكثيفة التي زرعها الإرهابيون خلال تمركزهم هناك بما يتيح للأخوة المواطنين العودة إلى مساكنهم ومزارعهم وجني محاصيلهم السنوية بأسرع وقت ممكن

دمشق في 23 آب 2019
القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة

End of the statement’s Arabic transcript

The liberation of the towns in the northern countryside of Hama sent waves of joy among the Syrian people across the country and especially in the towns near the newly liberated areas which were living under daily constant indiscriminate bombardment by the terrorist groups with all sorts of missiles and mortars, and by raids and thuggeries on the highways.

Syrians took to the streets in joy they didn’t witness since the US and its stooges waged this horrific War Of Terror against them in all of its forms by direct NATO military invasions and bombings, by terrorist explosions killings, maiming, raping, kidnapping, and above that lying and faking news, by ways of economic hardship imposing draconian sanctions against the people, trying to impose complete blockade to the extent depriving the Syrian people the oil they need to fuel their electricity plants, their cars, to bake their bread, harvest their crops which hundreds of hectares were burned, machiner stolen to Turkey, to their hospitals prevented from buying much needed medical devices and even medical threads used in surgical operations, all kinds of suffering the Syrian people witnessed so far and continue to witness until the complete cleaning of their country from the US agents and the US-imposed horror, the darkest stains in history of the evil western empire and regional stooges.

Each US citizen, especially taxpayers and voters, is an accomplice with each drop of blood spilled in Syria, each scream of pain, each tear from the eyes of each Syrian mother, wife, daughter, son, orphaned, raped, and maimed, terrified, tortured, and lost their future, had their dreams stolen by evil politicians instated by those US citizens, and their ilk in other criminal countries partners in the Satanic war on Syria, including and not limited to: The regimes Elizabeth the Second (UK), Turkey, Jordan, Australia, France, Germany, the rest of the EU bloc, and of course the Gulfies. Each citizen who was promoting this war or kept quiet in any of those countries. Each citizen who didn’t voice their condemnation and didn’t try to stop this bloodshed is responsible.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

We still have a lot of fighting ahead of us until cleaning every inch of our country from the filth sent to us by the falsely-claimed ‘civilized world’, the state has opened safe passages for the civilians in Suran between Hama and Khan Sheikhoun on M5 highway, then the rest of Idlib, East of Euphrates, and naturally the occupied Golan.

Be sure we will never forget and we will never forgive and we will include you in our prayers, each day, that you taste the same of what you made us taste so you will not be able to pick on other countries in the future. We hate you not because of your freedoms, we hate you because of your evil souls and criminal doings.

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  1. Jaime

    How strong, but it is true. I am from South America, and from the beginning I supported Syria’s fight against the evil monsters from the US, Europe, Turkey, Israel, Saudia Arabia and the Gulf countries. Everywhere I could, I told loud and clear the truth. It was not a civil war, but a war of conquest and expoliation. I may go to Sirya in December to finally meet the heroes: both the army and the civilians who withstood the criminal attacks from the west and its vassals. May God -the universal one who loves us all regardless of religions- give you the strength to continue until you liberate every inch of your beautiful country.


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