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Netanyahu Forces Bomb Damascus ahead of Israeli Elections

Israel bombs target near Syrian capital Damascus

Prison or Prime Minister, the Israeli Netanyahu going to all extents including blowing away the last fig leaf that covers Israeli’s relations with Al-Qaeda in Syria. During the past couple of weeks, Netanyahu forces have been bombing Iraqi weapons depots in Iraq, shooting and bombing into besieged Gaza, desecrating Islam’s second holiest Aqsa Mosque, aggressive settlements building all over occupied Palestine, and topped it up with this latest aggression yesterday night by bombing near Damascus, Syria.

Details of this latest aggression against Syria are still developing, and also from Lebanon where one or two Israeli drones seem to be brought down near the Lebanese capital Beirut, but what is certain so far is the Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front losing of Khan Sheikhoun has panicked the Israeli regime to the extent of exposing their direct support to Al-Qaeda, in addition to all the previous attacks carried out against Syria.

What we know so far is at 22:30, 24 August Damascus local time sounds of explosions heard over the Syrian capital Damascus to what seems to be an Israeli bombing attempt from the occupied Syrian Golan targeting Mezzah Military Airbase, some local sources confirming most incoming missiles were intercepted and destroyed before reaching targets.

Local sources said one of the Israeli targets was a building in the town of Aqraba, southwest of Damascus near the Damascus International Airport’s highway.

Simultaneously, two Israeli drones were intercepted over the southern suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut and were brought down, one was an attack drone and the other was a surveillance drone, Hezbollah has cordoned the site of the missiles, a local reported.

This comes just a couple of days after the bombing of weapons depots run by the Iraqi army and the Iraqi Hashd Sha’abi PMU in 3 locations inside Iraq. Being put in an embarrassing situation with a supposed to be an ally, the US singled out Israel in these attacks, especially after the Iraqi government ordered to shoot down any flying object over Iraq that does not have the written approval of the prime minister.

It also comes on the heels of Syrians celebrating the defeat of Al-Qaeda in northern Hama and evicting it from Khan Sheikhoun in southern Idlib. This same Al-Qaeda which not only never carried out any attack on Israel, it enjoyed massive continuous support from the US’s preferred 51st state throughout the Syrian crisis, notably Al-Qaeda’s offshoot ISIS when the world’s designated worst terrorist group was fighting the Syrian armed forces in southwest Syria giving its back to Israel receiving their military and intelligence support, and in many times having Israel attacking SAA posts for ISIS, and to the extent the same Netanyahu treated ISIS wounded terrorists providing the state of art medical treatment, many US citizens would only dream of, for free.

Israel and the USA have always extended a ‘bombing hand’ to Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria attacking Syrian Army’s units engaged with the terrorists, and smuggling weapons and gears worth of billions of dollars to Kurdish SDF separatist militias northeast of the country, most recently 200 lorries yesterday.

Latest update: Israel claimed responsibility for this aggression by claiming it attacked ‘Iranian and Shiite targets in Syria’ before they wanted to attack Israel… Netanyahu, bidding for his chances in the upcoming elections, claimed in a tweet ‘I repeat: Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our forces operate in every direction against Iranian aggression.’, he added: “He who rises to kill you, kill him first,” which in other words literally gives every country in the eastern hemisphere of the world all reasons to ‘Kill Israel since it has risen to kill each of them,’ well, not only risen to kill but already killed and is killing.

If this aggression has caused any casualties among the Syrian Arab Army personnel, Hezbollah fighters, or the Iranian military advisors embedded with the SAA in Syria, there will be a swift and very strong retaliation against Israel. Later this evening the chief of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah will deliver a speech on the occasion commemorating the defeat of Israel in the 34 days aggression war it carried against Lebanon in 2006, and we will learn more.

Netanyahu has proved his readiness to do anything to get re-elected in order to avoid prison, he went to the extent of bringing half a body of an IDF terrorist killed in Lebanon and fooled the family of the terrorist that he brought him back with his influence over the Russian president.

Liar Netanyahu shows fake emotions to family of IDF terrorist Baumel

Just like Erdogan’s uncertain political future, the Saudi – Emirati inner fighting in Yemen, all the defeated camp in the War of Terror led by the US and waged against Syria, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, and Yemen, are in their most difficult moments, as in each defeat the losing camps go to desperate measures and blame everybody else but themselves.

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