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Netanyahu Played with Fire, Now for the Burning Hands Part

Mr. Insecurity - Netanyahu embattled PM of Israel

The embattled Israeli prime minister Netanyahu doesn’t have many choices after next month’s elections as we noted in our previous post: reelected as Prime Minister or serving a prison term.

‘Previously, Israeli politicians were campaigning for their elections on the blood of the Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrians’, Hezbollah Chief Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah in his statement yesterday commemorating the 2nd anniversary of cleaning the ‘Anti-Lebanon Mountains’ from ISIS and Nusra Front terrorist groups, he was referring to the massacres and wars waged by the Israeli officials to win the votes of the radical settlers.

‘After (what happened) yesterday, Netanyahu is campaigning his elections with the Israelis’ blood’, Nasr Allah continued.

Simply put: The latest aggression by the Netanyahu forces in Beirut and Damascus countryside the night of 24th August will be retaliated for in the occupied Palestinian territories, call it Israel if it suits you.

Just before 24th August midnight Damascus local time a number of missiles were fired on several targets in the Syrian capital Damascus and its southeast countryside, most of the missiles were intercepted and shot down by the Syrian Arab Army’s air defenses protecting strategical facilities, at least one, and could be a ‘suicide drone,’ reached the town of Aqraba and was blown up into a residential building with a resting apartment used by Hezbollah members responsible for protecting the Shiite’s sacred shrine of Sayyeda Zainab, which hosts the body of the Prophet’s granddaughter Zainab.

New reports that Netanyahu forces have crossed another red line set by the strategy of deterring post the 2006 failed Israeli aggression against Lebanon, news that Israel bombed a site used by the Palestinian PFLP-GC deep inside Lebanon near the borders with Syria. This particular faction is one of Israel’s worst nightmares, targeting it will definitely bring retaliation by its members inside and outside occupied Palestinian territories. Add to it this taboo broken also breaks the deterrent strategy and will be responded to by Hezbollah, in addition to the previous night’s attacks.

The silence of the Syrian Arab Army about the retaliation for the previous night’s Israeli bombing in Syria should be worrying to Israel, its officials and all its foreign imported settlers. If the SAA vowed to retaliate it’ll be militarily, if it didn’t, it’ll be by intelligence and would target higher-value targets.

Netanyahu war criminal seeks reelection at any cost including the blood of his own supporters
Netanyahu war criminal seeks reelection at any cost including the blood of his own supporters

The price of Netanyahu’s campaigning his elections with Israelis blood is now very costly and will be paid by all of the Israelis and not only by the IDF terrorists in the occupied Sheba’a farms. ‘I tell the (Israeli) troops on Lebanon’s borders: wait for our response, might be in a day, two, three days, any time on the borders and beyond the borders, stand on alert and remain like that’, Nasr Allah added in his statement.

The murky and cunning US position in the lastest developments only helps fuel the Israeli dreams of further expansions and aggression knowing they have the support of the US politicians, military when needed, and naturally the ever generous US taxpayers to foot the bill of their crimes. The same US whose secretary of state, a confessed liar, called Lebanese PM and asked him to show restraint after the earlier night’s Israeli aggression called the Israeli PM and showed his support to Israel’s aggression! Now, with the new red line crossed, no phone calls from Trump’s Regime of War can stop Hezb, PFLP-GC, and Syria from responding.

A worried friend told me that the Israelis and their backers will start bombing more into Syria and Lebanon, I replied: after 8.5 years of the War of Terror the US waged against Syria using all its arsenal, the Syrians have not much to lose, unlike their enemies once the missiles start landing over them.

Israel by default is itching for war since its creation, whoever is in power there, it can only live in hostile environments within and surrounding as if the foreign imported Zionist settlers drink blood to survive, literally, this time the blood will be mostly theirs, and they can thank their Netanyahu for that.

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