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Cleaning of Arsal Completed

image-Cleaning of Arsal Completed

Just before noon today August 14, 2017, the last chapter in the Arsal and its rural area horrific days started to end after 3 years of daily crimes and terrorist attacks.

Hundreds of radical terrorists from the so called ‘Saraya Ahlul Cham’ with their families were moved from Arsal Rural to their dumpsters in Rihaiba and Asal Al-Ward in Syria.

34 buses escorted by security patrols from Lebanese General Security Forces and the Lebanese Red Cross heading towards the borders with Syria where the Syrian authorities will take over from there.

The terrorists delayed to execute their eviction agreement by demanding at the last minute to take their medium weapons with them, which was met with a strict refusal by the Syrian authorities and like their colleagues in other terrorist groups that took the same path, they left with personal light weapons only. The defeated in a battle doesn’t have the luxury to place any demand.

The same route taken by Nusra terrorists, al-Qaeda Levant, who lost the battles in the rural Arsal last month and were removed towards Idlib in Syria. Both terrorist groups chose to take the deal offered to them by Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army instead of facing complete annihilation especially after they faced the Lebanese Resistance on the Lebanese side of the Qalamon Mountains and the SAA on the Syrian side of the mountains determined to clean the area from them.

ISIS still maintains a presence further to the north and the easy task left to the Lebanese Army to deal with them, while the Syrian Arab Army will handle them on the Syrian side of the border. What delays this long awaited battle is the same Lebanese officials on the Saudi payroll insisting on not dealing with the Syrian state even to save their own country and against all norms and reality.

Lebanon that was meant to serve as the hub to destabilize Syria and assist in destroying the Syrian state using a considerable number of Lebanese political parties and some of the Lebanese state agencies under their control now is heading to be cleaned and restored to a state.

The price paid in such US-led intervention adventures is never cheap. Syrians, Iraqis, and Yemenis paid a hefty price in blood and infrastructure by agents of the US and its regional minions and faced death with their braveness until death declared defeat. Saudi’s lost war in Yemen and its desperate search for a face-saving exit from its failed aggression against its poorest neighbor was one of the factors in the abandoning of these terrorist groups.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies heroism and bravery were the main reason these terrorist groups gave up its masters dream of controlling this region.

There is still more hard work to be done to clean the whole Levant and Iraq from this US invented disease, now more achievable than earlier especially with the US trying to find other conflicts to stir in Latin America, namely against Venezuela, and in east Asia against North Korea and China.

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