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From Damascus to the World – Damascus International Fair Opens this Evening

Damascus International Fair 61 - From Damascus to the World

Titled From Damascus to the World, Syria’s 61st annual Fair will hold its opening ceremony tonight. The Fair will be open to the public from 29 August through 6 September. Eleven centers throughout Damascus will provide free bus transportation to the Fairgrounds.

Thirty-eight countries will be participating in an official capacity to the 2019 Damascus International Fair, despite the malignant threats of the imperial US, and its fake embassy, to launch economic terrorism against participants.

fake US embassy
Damascus International Fair 61 - From Damascus to the World
Damascus International Fair 61st – From Damascus to the World

Damascus International Fair, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the region, with its first edition in 1954, has been moved out of the center of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world to a much larger area on the Damascus International Airport highway over an area of 2.2 million square meters to accommodate the growing numbers of participating countries and companies, and in preparation to the rebuilding of the country.

The following report by the Syrian Ikhabriya News Channel sheds more light on the exhibition:

Video also available on BitChute:

The Damascus International Fair recommenced in 2017, after a 5-year cancellation caused by the foreign war of terror imposed on Syria. Four days into the opening, NATO terrorists — distraught over the joy of the Syrian people in the fairgrounds — bombed it…and Syrians kept coming.

Syria is inviting the world to participate except the evil camp which participated in the War of Terror, the US and its cronies and lackeys waged on it over the past 8.5 years and continues to sponsor terror and impose sanctions on the country. After all, how can you invite the USA or any of its cronies in the EU and in the region to participate in rebuilding Syria if they impose sanctions on the country?

Worth noting that Russia and China have both condemned the US’s attempts to sabotage the fair and Syria’s attempts to recover and rebuild with the Chinese increasing their participation defying the US sanctions, as China has included Syria in its mega international cooperation infrastructure Belt and Road project.

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  1. WKZ

    Great Syria, congratulations for having ridiculed those shits of the USA and its lollipops like NATO in particular: France, England, Belgium and all those countries enslaved by imperialism that sent 300,000 terrorists in an attempt to cancel you, greetings from Italy I hope to visit you sooner or later.


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