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Syria: Israel Itching for a New War

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

It can’t live without aggression, it’s founded by the biggest imperial aggressor of all times Britain and justified itself for itself only on the bases of the worst evil ideology of racism: Zionism. It can only survive with wars, peace will expose its nature and prevent the plotters from creating their ‘pure Jewish state’ based on unverified biblical twisted and outdated promises to other people who they follow their religion. The question is: How long would the ‘resistance and resilience camp’ restraint? The answer came from the Syrian leadership: Not any more.

Syrian leadership gave orders to SAA field commanders to respond to any further Israeli aggression immediately without seeking approval from higher ups. Syria by this didn’t declare war, Syria is practically in war with the Zionist entity and what stopped escalations thus far is the disengagement treaty signed in 1974 post the 1973 October war which the Israelis call Yom Kippur War. Israel from its side has violated the treaty a number of times, Syria restrained from a tit-for-tat response, but retaliated each time bigger than what each aggression was meant to achieve. I wrote in a previous post: ‘Syria if punched doesn’t retaliate in a tit-for-tat method, she cuts the hand of who punched her’. Latest violation wasn’t the raid the pariah state, totally covered by the US regime, carried against Damascus on May 5th, 2013 against a chicken hen and a weapons depot near Damascus; the new Israeli violation was yesterday May 17, 2013 with a number of members from the Israeli IDF terrorist organization crossing into Syrian side of the disengagement line. The report was by a pro-Israeli and very pro-Zionist Fox News with clear footage of troops said to be coming back from a mission inside Syrian side of the UN line.

Wahhabi Sex Jihadists under Al-Qaeda FSA banner hired by Israel & USA to 'democratize' Syria and failed
Wahhabi Sex Jihadists under Al-Qaeda FSA banner hired by Israel & USA to ‘democratize’ Syria and failed

After the huge losses sustained by Al-Qaeda (Nusra Front aka FSA) all over the country and the big sweep victory in Homs countryside besieging Al-Qussayr strategical town by the SAA, securing the Syrian – Lebanese borders, and after SAA super victory in Khirbet Ghazaleh, after the fail of the ‘Damascus Saga (version ? lost count) that accompanied the air raid against 19 SAA checkpoints around Damascus in a ring like way, the corner of terrorist ‘strongholds’ in Otaibah and other towns in Damascus northern countryside, the plotter had to interfere directly and bluntly. The Chemical WMD craze failed due to consuming it before in Iraq. Erdoğan was triggered and US former ambassador to Damascus Robert S. Ford was dispatched to Turkey, he is called by Syrian real activists as the Emir of Jihad, he’s the godfather of the death squads in Iraq when he was aiding Negroponte, when he was appointed in Algeria and out of nowhere the Islamist movement flourished there, now he appeared at a border town between Syria and Turkey, met with ‘rebels’ and within 24 hours 2 explosions occur in a border town between Syria and Turkey, in Reyhanieh (Reyhanli). Instead of being able to fool the Turks in accusing Syria for the bombs, Turkish Muslim Brotherhood plan failed, about 800 pilots are dismissed from the Turkish Air force subsequently based on a sectarian selection where the vast majority of them were Alawite, some saw in it a sign for a beginning of a new aggression against Syria keeping the loyal as he think and others saw in it a fear that the Erdoğan is living.

All fall in context and the stage is set for war, Syria and its allies didn’t swallow the bait, a new Israeli provocation occurs, Syria doesn’t swallow the bait but deliver a decisive message, Russia is upset and delivers a stronger decisive message: ‘Who doesn’t want to carry an aggression should not fear defensive weapons’ Sergey Lavrov.

If all of that was not enough, it’s worth watching the following terrorist-minded Israeli official and an Israeli historian on a ARD German channel which he explicitly claims responsibility on behalf of his state’s ‘intelligence’ for the assassination of Hizbullah military chief Imad Mughnieh, and the historian spells out the plot Syria has warned from the beginning of the crisis: It’s all to eliminates the Palestinian cause and place the displaced millions of Palestinians living in diaspora since decades on the hope of returning to their lands, the plot was to place them in Jordan. Will comment below the video:

Obviously the Zionist-minded ‘officials’ didn’t read the Syrian response properly although I detailed it in a previous post titled Syria Responds to Israeli Raid.  Obama knows better than any further engagement in any foolish war abroad will bring disaster back home, the Zionists in his regime and those in the Israeli regimes can’t see the threat and are considering Samson option themselves, the option promised by Syrians they’ll receive in any further stupidity, a stupidity for them and a bliss to the world.

It’s definitely not a slip of a tongue confessing that the Zionist Mossad is behind killing Hizbullah’s Mughnieh, it’s a well calculated statement as per their level of thinking. He claims Hizbullah and Iran didn’t retaliate the killing of the commander although they promised to do so worldwide, but he and his administration fail to see that each year around the week commemorating the assassination their entire security is increased to the max forcing to spend billions of US tax payers dollars [sic], and living in fear throughout the week before and after. He fails to see that post the assassination those fighters in Gaza who don’t comply with Hamas politburo restriction orders. And if that also is not enough, you can say that Hizbullah and Iran were waiting for this confession to come officially so they got a card to retaliate the Israeli terror abroad.

Hizbullah Commander Imad Mughniyeh assassinated by Mossad agents in 2008 as now confirmed officially
Hizbullah Commander Imad Mughniyeh assassinated by Mossad agents in 2008 as now confirmed officially

Zionists failed in 2000, 2006, 2008 – 2009 and will fail once again in any new confrontation, they think that SAA is consumed by the Israeli Alqaeda mercenaries, they fail in assessment and the proof is the gains the SAA is achieving on daily basis. Terror is not a game changer, it’s terror, but any new war will redraw the borders of all the region, in favor of the ‘resistance and resilient camp’, they’re called ‘resilient’ because they understand well: ‘Victory is a patience of an hour’. Their foe camp consumed all their cards and their cards started to appear.

Jordan hosting terrorists and smuggling them into Syria, allowing Israel air passage to target Syrian cities.
Jordan hosting terrorists and smuggling them into Syria, allowing Israel air passage to target Syrian cities, slaughtered by SAA en mass

Advice: Don’t waste time following the ‘political solution’ by the US & Russian, the US regime will never stick to their words, keep an eye on the ground, stay calm and trust the Syrian Arab Army.

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  1. Goran Tecic

    This German Nazi from the video is practically begging for the New Pearl Harbor,

    just to activate his "mighty" U.S. war machine.

    I think this is why the Zion-Media stopped whining about shortage of deadly chemicals in Syrian air.

    Zionists are desperate for anyone to attack them, do not let them manipulate you.

    Do not be surprised if Israel do a false flag attack on it self,

    one can only hope they will go easy on them selves.

    Stay cool, Zionism will implode with the same intensity it originally exploded.

    Imagine their walls suddenly turns on them to keep them inside.

    Wouldn't that be called an Auschwitz?

    Wouldn't that be exactly what their Zionist God (Hitler) promised to them?

    Zionists are everything but the Jews, the land is yours, show what Arab hospitality looks like or be the same as them.


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