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Israel may attack Syria because Air-Defense Systems are a Threat?

Russian S-300 Source:

Some analysts from Western countries are convinced that the Israeli regime might be forced to attack more weapon shipments to Damascus because the Russian administration already said that it will stick to the contracts with the Syrian government and that it remains committed to the previous arms deals with Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said again this week, that Moscow will remain committed to the previously signed weapons deals which are about aerial defense weapons and it would be interesting whether somebody could explain how aerial defense weapons are a real threat for another country. Aerial defense systems are what their name says – defense systems and these defense weapons are not meant for being used in attacks on another country.

The Russian FM added to his statements from Thursday that Moscow will not sign any new arms deal with the Syrian government in Damascus but this was also clear for a long time now and it is no real new information.

According to reports by the New York Times (NYT) and The Guardian, Russia has already sent some upgraded anti-ship cruise guided missiles (Yakhonts) to Syria and these Yakhont missiles could be used to fight in any seaborne attack by e.g. the air force of the United States and its subordinated allies, while there is not much evidence about such shipments and it is already known as well, that The Guardian and the New York Times are two biased agencies.

This can be seen when having a detailed look at their so-called coverage of the conflict in Syria and all the propaganda and false information, which is mentioned in the “articles” of both newspapers.

The Guardian has finally also found some so-called experts and analysts of events in the Middle East who believe that these Russian systems would be a powerful defense against any attempt of foreign forces to enforce a naval embargo on Syria or the attempt to launch an illegitimate aerial attack against the country.

Russian S-300 Source:
Russian S-300

It is also no surprise that the chief of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), John Brennan, has visited Israel on Friday. The CIA chief John Brennan met with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and some other senior officials of the Israeli occupation regime in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli regime has carried out an horrible airstrike on a research center in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus on May 5 after the foreign- and Israeli-backed terrorist groups in Syria, which are affiliated to e.g. al-Qaeda, had to accept heavy losses and the Syrian Arab army (SAA) was able to crush more and more of these jihadist and terrorist groups.

After the Jamraya Research Center in the Syrian capital Damascus was targeted in a previous airstrike by the Israeli regime in January, the Israeli regime has again targeted the Jamraya Research Center on May 5.

The reactions of the so-called “international community” on these Israeli airstrikes against Syria showed the hypocrisy and level of bias by these so-called democratic governments. Once again, the Israeli regime can do what they want, while the world keeps silent and it seems to make a difference if Israel kills innocent people or if somebody else is doing it in e.g. Africa, the Middle East or at the North Pole. Of course, it is all about money, interests and resources – as usual.

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