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Morality is Buyable and Qatar Buys Everything and Everyone

The Emir of Qatar, rich and dangerous

The small Emirate of Qatar in the Persian Gulf is one of the most criminal dictatorships in the world, beside Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which are even worse. Although 1.7 million people are living on the peninsula, there are only 250,000 who have the Qatari citizenship.

The vast majority are foreigners who serve as slaves for the privileged minority. This ruling clique lives in an unimaginable wealth, while 90 percent of the population in Qatar are living in poverty – they “vegetate” and are exploited.

The state religion is Wahhabism, the radical form of the Sunni Islam, as in Saudi Arabia. The Sharia is the main source of the legislation. A parliament or political parties do not exist and there are no human rights.

However, the West tolerates this and stays silent, because the absolutist ruling Emir bought has bought the favor of Western politicians and media with a seemingly inexhaustible source of money from the revenue from oil and gas. Moreover, Washington also supports the regime, because there are two U.S. military bases in Qatar and the regime pays for for 60 percent of the cost of the stationing costs.

The Emir of Qatar, rich and dangerous
The Emir of Qatar, rich and dangerous

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani came in power by a coup against his father in 1995, while his father was in Geneva at this time. That alone shows clearly, what a lousy character this guy has. Since then, the Emir is driven by a boundless ambition to put his stamp on the country and the world. He believes that money can buy anything and everything – what is actually the reality.

It does not matter whether it is about major sporting events such as the 2006 Asian Games, the Tennis ATP Tour, the MotoGP or now even the FIFA World Cup (soccer) in 2022, he has all the corrupt sports officials in his pocket so that these events are taking place in the hot desert sand. Or cultural / political conventions that are brought to Qatar, it’s all a part in order to gain (buy) prestige and notoriety for himself.

In order to put his strategy and vision into action, he has founded and financed the news channel Al Jazeera in 1996 so that they influence and manipulate the opinion of the people in the Arab world. It just costs him ridiculous $ 400 million per year. Initially, the news channel has broadcasted good and independent reporting, especially with its English-language channel and also after 9/11 about the war in Afghanistan. But in recent years, the news channel has transformed into a disinformation medium, which just practically implements the given line of the royal family in terms of the foreign policy.

In addition, Al Jazeera is only allowed to report on foreign revolutions, reports on the conditions in their own country are forbidden, they are a taboo. Therefore, many journalists have left the news channel, because they were no more able to agree with their conscience on the one-sided coverage of the so-called “Arab Spring” and especially to the coverage of the conflicts in Libya and Syria. See “The Exodus from Al-Jazeera due to the one-sided Reporting“.

Since the war against Libya, Qatar has become one of the main supporters of radical Islamic terrorists. This are recruited from all over the world and infiltrated into the target countries in order to conduct a regime change. The aim is to replace the secular governments with Islamic ones, strictly following the Wahhabi role model.

Qatar, terrorist supporter

After Libya was done and was transformed into a chaotic debris field, where arbitrariness and terror now reigns, the Emir has turned his eyes to Syria in order to topple Bashar al-Assad. Although, both families were close friends and have often met each other. But as shown above, when he has even no scruples to overthrow his own father, then he certainly has also no scruples to eliminate “friends”. According to well-informed sources, which are close to the Qatari government, the Emir has already invested $ 3 billion into the conflict in Syria. On the one hand, the mercenaries are well paid by him, on the other hand, he equips them with more expensive logistics, weapons and ammunition.

 The Sheikh of Qatar with his wife is welcomed by Asma and Bashar al-Assad in Syria in 2008. At that time, they were close friends.

The Sheikh of Qatar with his wife is welcomed by Asma and Bashar al-Assad in Syria in 2008. At that time, they were close friends.

In an interview with the Financial Times, a terrorist leader in Idlib has admitted:

“Qatar has a lot of money and buys everything with money, and they put their hands and influence on everything.”

Qatar is also the only country which has established a diplomatic mission for the so-called Syrian opposition. The former Syrian opposition activists and traitor Moaz al-Khatib and the Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah have jointly opened an embassy in Doha in March 2013, but it is actual not able to represent Syria and just has a symbolic meaning.

The terrorists from now already 29 countries, who are currently raging within Syria, do it mainly for money and not because of their faith. This is the only way to explain why they slaughter their fellow Muslims, kill women and children, blow up mosques and shrines and, in general, they massacre the Syrian civilian population.

There, where they are able to control a territory, a regime of terror is established and all supposed opponents are executed in mass executions. Either by chop of the heads of the tied victims or by shooting them in the neck from behind. It is not to understand what all this has to do with Islam and the Holy Koran, although they invoke on Allah while their incredible crimes. The Emir of Qatar is directly responsible for all these mass murders and crimes against humanity. Another example, the so-called rebels kill Syrian soldiers.

It is therefore completely incomprehensible why the West still refers to Qatar and treats it as a normal member of the “international community” after this enumerated list of crimes by Qatar. But as said, with money one is able to buy everything. For example, the soccer club FC Barcelona, which receives the fabled 170 million euros by the Emir-founded Qatar Sports Investment company for the jersey advertising of the Qatar Foundation for a period of five years. This also only in order to distract from the worst crimes and the support of wars.

The best footballer of the world makes advertising for a criminal regime.
The best footballer of the world makes advertising for a criminal regime.

The news channel CNN was also purchased by a generous advertising budget of Qatar with $ 30 million. Instead of doing impartially reports on Qatar, CNN conducts an almost exclusively public relations for the Qatari regime and only shows “the good” about the ruling family.

Even at CNN, more and more journalists are turning away in disgust, and therefore leave the news channel. In addition, the viewing figures have plummeted dramatically. The public is, however, not so stupid and realizes to what kind of channel CNN has degenerated – to a CIA news denominator.

The policy of the ambitious Qatari influence, far beyond the actual size of the country, is carried and formulated by the Emir, his son and Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim and the aforementioned Foreign Attiyah. Azmi Bishara has the greatest influence on the thinking of the Emir in terms of Syria. Azmi Bishara is a former arab Israeli who was also a member of the Knesset.

He fled into exile to Qatar, after the Israeli government accused him in the war against Lebanon of providing information to Hezbollah. In Doha, he was heavily involved in the formation of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), the “umbrella summary” of the Syrian opposition. He also was a friend of Bashar al-Assad until he has betrayed him. So the Emir took the advice from a multiple traitor, which again says a lot about his character.

As it is the case with all conflicts, the Qatari regime is interested in Syria because of power, control and business, of course. The distancing from Bashar al-Assad should weaken the Iran, the largest competitor in the gas business. Qatar sits together with Iran on the largest gas reserves in the world, which are located in the Persian Gulf.

In the moment it became public that Syria, Iraq and Iran would have agreed on a gas pipeline, the “Friendship Pipeline”, which delivers Iranian gas to the West and should start to operate in June 2013, the fall of Bashar al-Assad was a done deal. When it is about this, the so far $ 3 billion for the overthrow are a no brainer. Qatar wants to implement a puppet regime in Damascus, which is then no more friendly towards Iran, but only doing what the Gulf States want. The gas should flow from Qatar to Europe and not from Iran. This is also what the West wants.

On 25 July 2011, the oil minister of Iraq, Iran and Syria have signed the contract to build the 10 billion expensive pipeline in the industrial region of Assaluyeh, which is located in the southern Iranian province around Buscher. Equipped with the foreknowledge about this signing of the plan, the support and the infiltration of terrorists into Syria was already started in advance – accompanied by a massive bought propaganda over all the TV stations – with the message, how bad Bashar al-Assad would treat his Syrian population.

While the snipers, who were shooting at protesters, were in reality Qatari-paid mercenaries. So, they were able to present the Assad government and its security forces as the perpetrators and the whole world fell for it. As I said, with money one can buy everything, even the “world opinion” about who is the good and who is the evil. See “Forcible regime change in Syria was planned long ago“.

Qatar has started to buy weapons from Libya and from the Eastern European countries from the end of 2011, and it flew the cargo into Turkey – from there, agents of the various Western, Turkish and own Intelligence agencies have distributed the weapons into the hands of terrorists across the border in Syria. The deliveries were extended as Saudi Arabia also jumped on the train and helped to get the weapons, mercenaries, logistics, weapons and ammunition over Lebanon and Jordan into Syria.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which registers the worldwide delivery of weapons, says that alone between April 2012 and March this year, 70 military cargo flights have taken place from Qatar to Turkey. This means that we are able to assume that also the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was heavily bribed by Qatar when he betrayed his friend Bashar al-Assad and made his fall possible. With money you can… but we already know it.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia.. ..or Israel? Whatever.

Several leaders of terrorist groups, which wreak havoc in the northern province of Aleppo, have divulged that representatives of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are running around with bags full of money and distribute the money in bundles. “The groups receive money from both, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but they thereby deceive their sponsors,” says an expert of the scene. Since it is mainly the mercenaries who wage the war for money in Syria, they change their loyalty depending on who pays them the most.

Therefore, there is also no real cohesion or cohesion as an opposition. Hundreds of gangs are raging in Syria, which are changing from alliance to alliance, always to the side which pays the most. The West is also involved with money.

Thus, it is an illusion when the Qatari regime believes that one is able to topple Assad soon and to be able to implement a puppet regime, which follows their orders, in the end. Those, who are only working for money, are not loyal and cannot be trusted. There is even another problem, namely the rivalry between the Saudis and Qataris, who do not trust each other and who are just following their own interests.

There is only one thing that is certain – the Syrian population suffers terribly from all this power games from all sides. The country is destroyed, thousands are killed and injured, countless are forced to flee, and the future, especially of the Syrian youth, is completely destroyed. Poor Syria.

But we in the West, we are just as complicit in the endless suffering of Syria. Either because we believe all the lies, which are spread over Syria by the bought media, or because we go on vacations to the Sheiks at the Gulf, or because we watch the sporting events which are taking place there. We are also doing nothing against the oppression of the population and human rights violations in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Our governments deliver tons of weapons to them and crawl into the asses of the despots for all their money, oil and gas. Angela Merkel recently was there, in April, and she said at an investor conference, that Germany wants to increasingly take on gas supplies from Qatar in future.

And, while being there, has Angie (Angela Merkel) addressed the human rights and democratization? Of course, no. She only asked for the ensuring of reliable legal frameworks for doing business with German companies. Merkel gives a damn about human rights. Except it comes to the government of a country which is on the hit list.

Morality is buyable and Qatar buys everything and everyone.


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  1. Dawn Elise

    This is the most coherent analysis of the war on Syria by U.S. and pliant Arab allies: Qatar-Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Spread this everywhere! Thank you, MK, you are genius and this is a big help to antiwar activists struggling to write coherent materials.

    This summary is so clear:

    "In the moment it became public that Syria, Iraq and Iran would have agreed on a gas pipeline, the “Friendship Pipeline”, which delivers Iranian gas to the West and should start to operate in June 2013, the fall of Bashar al-Assad was a done deal. When it is about this, the so far $ 3 billion for the overthrow are a no-brainer. Qatar wants to implement a puppet regime in Damascus, which is then no more friendly towards Iran, but only doing what the Gulf States want. The gas should flow from Qatar to Europe and not from Iran. This is also what the West wants."

    (p.s. heads up to activists, eliminate phrase "crawl into the asses" in second to last paragraph before distributing in gay-friendly areas)


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