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Syria: Moscow Wants all Sides in the Conference


The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed yesterday that he had also discussed the possible involvement of Iran in an upcoming conference (eventually in Geneva again) to resolve the war and bloodshed in Syria, when he met the U.S. Foreign Minister John Kerry early in May.

Russia and America have agreed in public on the intention to set up another conference of so-called international players in order to debate the topic Syria and to finally find a solution in order to end the conflict in this country of the Middle East. It is important to call it an agreement by Russia and the United States for the public because it is sure not all the truth about the talks between the Russian and American Foreign Ministers.

The Russian administration has the intention to invite and also involve all the different nations which have already taken part in the worthless Geneva conference on Syria last summer, while Moscow is convinced that such a conference on Syria won’t have success if Iran does not participate in such debates to find political solution(s) for the crisis and war within Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also recalled yesterday that Iran and the Saudi regime were not involved in the first conference on Syria in Geneva. The Foreign Minister of Russia said that the American partners have blocked Iran and that the Saudis were not invited to the Geneva conference on Syria as a “compensation” for the absence of any Iranian representative.

The full interview with Sergej Lavrov will be published by the newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta today. The interview with the Russian Foreign Minister is again very interesting and one should read between the lines because the Russian FM knows exactly what to say and how to say something so that the American partners understand what he really means.

More and more people oppose the terrorism, massacres and bloodshed by the so-called “Syrian opposition” within Syria, may the terrorism carried out by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or the radical al-Nusra Front, there is no difference anymore. The foreign-backed terrorists, jihadists and mercenaries are very dangerous and a threat for every Syrian family.

Not to mention that any secular state is better than a state led by radical jihadist thugs who are finally nothing more than a dangerous proxy-regime, working for worldly goals and subordinated to e.g. America, Israel or/and Saudi Arabia/Qatar – who has the most money. In addition,more people seem to see the true colors behind the propaganda by the media and some governments in the West. Still, too few to make a change, but it is, at least, a good development.

Erdogan don't worry, Uncle Sam with you to the end.. of you.
Erdogan don’t worry, Uncle Sam with you to the end.. of you.

The Russian FM Lavrov also said the following sentences in this interview about his meeting with the U.S. Foreign Minister and terrorist supporter John Kerry:

“If we admit that Iran has a very solid influence on what is going on, then it is obliged to be represented in the negotiations as a participant in the ‘external ring’ [of neighboring states]. I said this to John Kerry. He kind of agreed with this, but said that a number of states in the region were categorically opposed to this.”

Moscow is also convinced that the so-called Syrian opposition groups should take part in the talks in a possible upcoming conference on Syria. Lavrov even said that this should also include all the opposition groups which are struggling for a division of Syria. Again, these are statements which are very crazy for the ears of the most Syrian people and supporters of the secular state of Syria, but there is probably a reason why Lavrov has said this. He finally made it clear that there should not be any limit to the duration of such debates and the conference on Syria.

“Some of our partners…think a few days or weeks are long enough. I consider this is counterproductive.”

As said, the full interview with Sergej Lavrov is published today.

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  1. Mrs.Magma

    The reason for saying what he does is called language of diplomacy. Yes it may sound crazy at times. Especially calling western colonial fascists and war criminals "partners"…

    True, there is only one language that American fascists understands best and the Russians spoke it in Georgia where they gave ZUSA/ZATO a very bloody nose for killing ethnic Russians, poking into Russian affairs and trying to instigate terrorism and they are definitely speaking it in Syria. But in order to keep the escalation and the Zionist monster at bay, words should be followed by deeds, it´s a game the Russians know very well but the US inbreeds don't…


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