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Al-Otaybah Damascus Countryside Under SAA Control

Syrian Arab Army

The best way to defend is to attack, seems as an effective tactic carried out by the Syrian Arab Army in its war against the NATO-backed Al-Qaeda FSA fighters aka Wahhabi Sex Jihadists who seek to ‘democratize’ the country Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Somalia among many others were ‘democratized’.

The offensive SAA troops are carrying out in most of the strongholds of these terrorist groups throughout the country are bearing fruits and losses inflicted among the terrorists are heavy enough to the extent that mad dogs at the NATO headquarters are considering to interfere directly to save what’s left of their best asset and investment in Al-Qaeda fighters.

Al-Otaybah, Damascus Countryside
Al-Otaybah, Damascus Countryside

Among the areas cleansed by the SAA in the past week, were very strategically important sites in Homs countryside towards the borders with Lebanon, Idleb and Aleppo countryside towards the borders with Turkey and in Daraa in the south towards the borders with Jordan, while surrounding and exterminating the remnants of terrorist groups within localities around major cities.

For the past 2 years, the Syrian state was trying to give another chance to those misguided to drop the weapons and get back to their normal lives, by keeping always corridors for terrorists in targeted areas to allow their retreat and rethink what they got themselves involved in. The Syrian Armed Forces sustained heavy losses in the hopes of sparing lives among the misguided, but seems this is not the case anymore, especially that the majority of the terrorists are not Syrians, SAA is now surrounding, besieging and exterminating these fanatic Islamist not Islamic herds of foreign-backed evil powers.

Damascus countryside witnessed a few confrontations where the SAA delivered huge blows to the core concentrations of the terrorists thinking by attacking in large numbers they can still win the war not knowing that by attacking in large numbers they just lose in large numbers, like what happened in Jdeidat Al-Fadhl in Damascus countryside to the south of the capital Damascus where more than 500 terrorists were terminated in about 3 hours, and what happened in the Otaybah area near Damascus International Airport, as you will see in the following report by the Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel, with English subtitles.

Major gains in Homs countryside, and specifically around Al-Qussayr will cut the supplies in men and weapons off the terrorists and free the SAA to focus on uprooting the current wave of the Muslim Brotherhood aggression against civilization and humanity, meanwhile the NATO propagandists aka mainstream media are trying to redo Iraq’s WMDs farce and shift the Sheeple in the west to their virtual reality.

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