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Europol: European Jihadists in Syria are a Threat

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

The amount of terror attacks has already increased significantly in Europe last year according to the known pan-European police force Europol. In terms of the statistics about the increase of the terror attacks in Europe last year, Europol has now warned correctly that conflicts in Syria and Mali provided potential breeding grounds for future radicals, militants and religious fanatics who are willing to carry out such terror attacks in Europe.

This is one good reason to mention that the support of some European governments for the armed terrorists and Islamists in Syria, who are fighting against the secular Syrian state, is counterproductive and even a threat for the future – there is no reason to not believe that some of the jihadists and terrorists fighting on Syrian soil will later start to threaten the security of European states. For example, if some of the armed thugs who went from European states to Syria in order to perform their false jihad against the secular Syrian government will return to their European state, which is certainly possible, they will probably become a threat for this state in Europe – certainly even a higher threat than they were before their “jihad tour” to Syria.

The published annual terrorism report by Europol identified 219 completed or failed attacks in 2012 in member states of the European Union (EU). The numbers means a 26 per cent rise from 2011, when 174 of these incidents were reported.

The definition of “terrorist offenses” by Europol: A terrorist offense for Europol is an intentional act which will seriously harm a state or an international organization when the act of terrorism was committed to intimidate the population of a country, to compel an administration to act, to harm social structures, the economy of a state or to destabilize the political situation in a counter.

The so-called Terrorism Situation and Trend Report by the European Union, which was published recently, stated that the “threat from terrorism” remains strong in Europe and that more and more solo terrorists / lone actors enter the stage, thus, the masterminds behind the terrorist groups and planned acts try to transform structured gangs and so-called terror networks into smaller groups or even solo actors.

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

According to the published annual report, 17 people have died last year across Europe by terror plots and the deadliest attacks were carried out by a terrorist in France and by a bomb attack at the Burgas airport in Bulgaria. In terms of such statistics and media reports, one should always recall the situation that a government is able to control the society more easily if they spread fear – new anti-terror laws and laws which cut the personal freedoms of the society.

Fear is a good thing to control the people and to implement restrictions for them. This can be already seen in the United States, Britain and also some other countries. In addition, just because the annual report by Europol mentions these terror attacks and bomb attacks, this does not mean that some of them were no false-flag acts or just terror attacks without a deeper background.

European Jihadists are a threat for Europe

According to Europol, the threats of terrorism will increase in Europe in the future and as stated already, the support by many European governments for the armed terrorists, radicals and jihadists in Syria plays a role, too. The situation in Mali is a bit different but if one recalls the last years and the support by the United States (and other governments) for e.g. al-Qaeda in different parts of the world, some of these administrations are guilty for such situations like in Mali and other important developments.

Of course, the certain return of some (probably the majority) of these jihadists and religious fanatics to Europe poses a threat. The European governments should have acted in advance but they were too busy to support some of them in their fight against the secular Syria and to fulfil the “wishes” of the United States, Israel and some big organizations.

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