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saa clashes terrorist group latakia

Nabi Youness

Clashes with an armed terrorist group in Nabi Youness mountainous area, Slanfah, 17 kilometers north east of Latakia countryside, resulted in the killing and injuring of a number of terrorists and confiscating caches of weapons.

Gas masks were found in the possession of the terrorist group, automatic machine guns, 18 anti-armor land mines, communication devices, RPG, BKC machine guns, anti-armor launchers, mortar cannon, and IEDs of 25-50 kilograms. A field hospital was also discovered.

Nabi Youness, Slanfah, Latakia Countryside
Nabi Youness, Slanfah, Latakia Countryside

Among the terrorists killed, the following were identified: Hussam Razzouk the commander of so called Qassam Brigades, the same name of Hamas’s armed wings in reference to the global Muslim Brotherhood role in the ‘Arab Spring’, Abdul Raouf Khairallah and Khaldoun Mawlawi.

The following report by Syrian Ikhbariya News channel with English subtitles shows part of the confiscated weapons, the gas masks, the field hospital and one carcass of a terrorist from the group.

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s thugs in part of the Turkish intelligence forces help smuggle such Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists across the borders into Syria after pampering them with all their needs including pimping for them during the hospitality preparation these terrorists receive in Turkey. Thanks God there are still wise men in the Turkish army and the Turkish intelligence before this fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Caliph wannabe man turns the whole country into a large brothel.

Worth noting that escalations in different areas of the country were accelerated to distract the Syrian Army and to maintain what’s left of the moral of the fighting terrorists on the ground, we add to it the crazy campaign led by western officials trying to redo Iraq’s WMDs fat lie in Syria.

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