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syria chemical weapons gambit


About Syria and the Chemical Weapons Gambit – The US doesn’t have the power to intervene without starting a regional war which will amount to WW3. It threatens a “limited (nuclear) response” against SCUD sites, but I believe it is bluffing simply for the reason that the majority of its first tier air assets are currently concentrated in the pacific ocean and the south China sea rather than the middle east/Mediterranean theater.

The direct response would also force Russia to come to Syria’s real defense, otherwise the CSTO would collapse much like NATO would collapse if Russia/Syria/Iran attacked Turkey without a response from them. Even though Syria is not a member of the CSTO, the organisation is looking at Russia and how it decides to handle the situation where it is life and death for the nation.

If Russia fails, Armenia and Tajikstan will both fall out of the organisation and Kazakhstan will change from being a neutral nation to a nation that is aligned to the west (we saw before that Uzbekistan left the organisation after the “Geneva”/Annan treachery of Syria, fearing a repeat of the Andijan fake revolution attempt and a similar treachery from the vile rattle snake known as Russia).

This would mean the end of the Russian Federation within the next 5 years, surrounded by NATO and their Muslim armies. This is the only reason why Russia supports Syria and must maintain some presence in the Mediterranean sea to prevent any kind of tactical “stinging” attacks by NATO on Syria.

So why is it claiming Syria used chemical weapons without intending to act on its “red line”? Very simple. America never intended to invade Syria in the first place, it was simply psychological pressure and psychological support to its terrorist forces to continue the fighting. But if it doesn’t up the pace of aggressive statements and actions without direct intervention, they will conclude it is bluffing and flee/surrender en mass, especially when they are losing.

The Americans wanted to paint a picture of a “desperate regime hanging on to power resorting to chemical weapons”, but this failed due to preemptive attacks by the army and (albeit shameful) pull outs from the Dar3a and Quneitra governorates, strengthening their positions around Damascus. The Americans tested Syria’s response in Kharam al 7asal to a chemical weapon attack by its terrorists and was shocked to see that Syrian diplomats immediately raised it to the highest issue under international law.

Russia stood by Syria, as expected, but didn’t really go further despite Syria being able to call them to investigate its claims. The US capitalised on its absolute control of the UN by claiming there were uses by “both sides” at the time (and still) that the government hasn’t used chemical weapons against terrorists.

Now the Americans are pushing the terrorists and their terror media people to claim that chemical weapons were used on them… the terrorists are reluctant, not believing the American’s promises that they would come to their aid if this were to happen.

At this point its important to note America’s objective in Syria: to destroy the state and wipe out any trace of its existence. Many people will deny this and claim otherwise, but just watch their tactics and progress: They want a fight that neither “side” can conclude without reducing the country to nothing but a figment of your memories.

This can’t be done if the Syrian army starts overpowering the terrorists and destroying their dens of terror one by one, even if it takes a long time. They want absolute destruction and for that to happen the terrorists must be able to use chemical weapons freely, even if the government starts counter-attacking with chemical weapons internally, the number of terrorists outside the country are basically endless (i.e. quarter of the Muslim population around the world, all the males of fighting age, 500 million strong).

In order to have the “moral image” of standing by and doing nothing while the terrorists they sponsor gas town after town with chemicals captured from an Aleppo chlorine refinery’s stockpile, they need to force the government to respond. It hadn’t responded and instead took the issue to the UN.

So now they have to use their media to lie and establish the case that such weapons were used. Also in order to have plausible deniability about arming them with chemical weapons of similar composition from Libya, the factory was used as a red herring.

Syria: Shaving Creme-Fakery

So in conclusion, the US aim is now to get Syria to gas itself with the chemical weapons intended for use against Israel while at the same time allowing its mercenaries to gas away all the troops and minority villages that stand in their way of destroying the fabric of the state and eventually any trace of the nation whatsoever. Syria wouldn’t use persistent weapons such as Agent 37/Agent X etc., nor its biological weapons, but it will use tactical weapons such as Sarin, which is why the Americans claim its use.

The problem is, as it is a highly volatile chemical that leaves little trace (due to use of aerosolisers in conjuction with the payload) except the biological effects on the targets, things such as soil samples can’t be used to draw any kind of conclusion.

Which is why they’re resorting to shaving creme to simulating foaming at the mouth. It’s an interesting side point, since these rabid Islamist terrorists should foam at the mouth anyway, but don’t, because they have no intention to ever shave.

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