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Qatar: The Global Sponsor of Terrorism


Syrian minister of information Mr. Omran Zo’bi calls on the international community to enlist the government of Qatar in the list of states sponsoring terrorism worldwide. Mr. Zo’bi seen in the short video clip below talking to RT News, makes the request after all lines of terror worldwide leads to Doha, the capital of the state of Qatar and its Emir.

It’s worth noting that lack of experience in international law, international relations and all aspects of governance, the state of Qatar represented in its two Emirs Hamad the ‘great’ and his prime minister mini Hamad, the duo owning and running the state of Qatar have implicated their tiny state, sitting on vast reserves of oil and gas, into using their financial resources the wrong way.

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Listing Qatar in the list of ‘organizations’ sponsoring terror worldwide will serve peace and security worldwide by drying up the financial resources terrorist organizations worldwide depend on, and would deprive organizations like Taliban, Al Qaeda, Mali’s Islamists and all other labels of Wahhabi (anti-Islam) Islamists from their logistic base. The duo ruling Qatar were played easily by their US sponsors whom are well known to dump their allies for momentarily political gains.

2 Hamads of Qatar
2 Hamads of Qatar

‘Syrian diplomacy should push hard to make this happen with the help of the sovereign countries in the world whom are not under the hegemony of the USA and should file legal cases against this pariah gas pump state seeking proper punishment of officials proved involved in sponsoring terrorist groups in Syria, and to receive proper compensations for the destruction caused by terror and would serve as a lesson for other wealthy officials worldwide.’ A prominent Syrian online activist commented.

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