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China’s Military Intervention in Syria


China still opposes any kind of military intervention in Syria. The Chinese government has again stressed its opposition to a military intervention by foreign forces in Syria and also condemned the use of chemical weapons on Syrian soil as a violation of international laws.

The Chinese administration in Beijing stated that it still opposes military intervention in any country on this planet and that its stance is consistent and very clear. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said this at a press briefing yesterday.

Hua Chunying said that all parties which are involved and interested in Syria should seek a political solution because negotiations and a political solution for the crisis in Syria is the only correct way in order to stabilize the situation there. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has thus also urged an immediate to all the violence on Syrian territory.

In addition, the spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry also stated that Chine calls on the (so-called) international community to boost all efforts in order to finally produce a political settlement on the crisis in Syria in a “responsible manner”.

The spokeswoman further told reporters at the press event in Beijing that China firmly opposes the use of chemical weapons, while it does not matter who is using such horrible weapons. The use of these chemical weapons is “a violation of international law” and also the clear violation of the “principles widely upheld by the international community”.

These statements were probably the answers to the next attempt of some Western countries to accuse the Syrian government in the capital Damascus of using these chemical weapons, while these attempts and the statements of some members of the US administration were nothing else than (false) propaganda in order to boost the playground for a military intervention in Syria and to brainwash the Western populations.

The Syrian Information Minister said on Friday, that the Syrian government wants an investigation of the alleged use of these chemical weapons (e.g. in the Syrian city of Aleppo) and that this investigation should be carried out by experts on this topics from Russia.

Syrian officials still blame the foreign-backed terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, for a recent chemical shelling of a town in the flashpoint northern province of Aleppo and it seems legit that if chemical weapons were used, the foreign-backed gunmen and religious fanatics were behind it due to the fact that the use of chemical weapons in such places on own Syrian soil is one of the biggest red lines for the government in Damascus.

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