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Syrian Opposition takes action against Terrorism and Fornication in Aleppo

Al Qaeda subsidiary

The so-called Sharia courts in Aleppo, led by the Syrian opposition group “al Nusra Front”, have taken strong measures against terrorism and fornication. (Because people said the most Arabs don`t read so much, we say it here first: this text is irony.)

After the successful fight against the under the name “Ghuraba Al Sham” operating group of bandits in the last week, the Sharia courts are now more determined to take actions against the terrorist group called FSA (“Free Syrian Army”), which is considered as the most corrupt terrorist group on Syrian soil, in Aleppo.

As it can be seen in a currently available video clip from Aleppo, the Sharia courts, led by the opposition group “Nusra Front”, have now banned the raising of the French mandate flag, namely the flag, which is used by members and sympathizers of the terrorist group FSA (“Free Syrian Army”) as a symbol of identification.

In addition, the Sharia courts have ordered the arrest of some people who have identified themselves as members or sympathizers of the terrorist group FSA (“Free Syrian Army”) by showing the French mandate flag in public.

In order to counteract the immorality and the moral decay, the opposition members of the al Nusra Front, led by the internationally renowned activist Ayman Al-Zawahiri, have banned the watching of Syrian television programs, especially sports, music and entertainment shows in Al-Shaar (district of Aleppo) – according to reports from Syria. Violations of the prohibition will be punished by arrests and 200 lashes, according to the notice of the Sharia courts.

The mentioned Video from Aleppo, Syria:

Thus, the activists of the al-Nusra Front are following the footsteps of the puritan settler state America, who has declared the Syrian television station Addounia TV as “Haram” a few days ago.

However, in terms of global politics, the United States came into a position of isolation after their vilification of the activists of the al-Nusra Front some months ago.

The U.S. attempts to revile the Syrian opposition group, the al-Nusra Front, as terrorists at the UN have failed due to the resistance of the world powers France and Britain, who have probably once again secured a place in the hearts of the inhabitants of the region (Aleppo) by following the wise Sykes-Picot Agreement (Asia Minor Agreement).

Some first tentative rallies have already taken place in the Syrian neighboring country Turkey.


Note: This article is irony and you should not interpret the text differently.

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  1. karin

    I find these video very confusing and heartwrenching. The Aleppo I saw and fell in love with 2 years ago has been ravaged and replaced with dogma and waste.


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