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Syria: SAA Liberate More Towns – Disturbing Findings

Idleb Ariha Highway

When the terrorists were thought to be winning by their masters in the west, all calls for dialogue and a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis were trashed by the western and regional sponsors of Alqaeda ‘freedom fighters’, but when the tide turned against their agents, everybody is now calling for a ‘peaceful solution’ and a new international peace conference. Syrian state vowed to fight terror and discuss peace based on the facts on the ground. Therefore the Israeli (nuke) raid, the Turkish intelligence bombings in Reyhanieh (Reyhanli), and a chemical weapon craze, now lowered.

In an unexpected location all western mainstream media gives the impression it’s out of the state control, units of the Syrian Arab Army clears a main road, Idleb – Areha road is now safe and cleansed of terrorists and their traces of IEDs – Improvised Explosive Devices. Some of the devices were with remote control and others were wired as part of the ‘humanitarian aid’ Nusra Front terrorists receive from NATO member states.

Idleb - Ariha Highway
Idleb – Ariha Highway / view on Google Maps:

The significance of this road in addition to refuting western mainstream media lies about a collapsing Syria, its strategically close to the camps where Turkish (NATO member state) sponsored Nusra Terrorists are gathered, trained, equipped and smuggled into Syria through the this region. This road will open supply routes for the SAA and ease the troubles residents use to face travelling in the region. The operation came a day after a civilian travelling bus was sniped at by FSA ‘freedom fighters’ aka Nusra Front, who planted the IEDs and terrified the locals.

Heavy battles are still taking place in northern Latakia countryside near the borders with occupied Iskandaron Strip, where the Muslim Brotherhood government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan turned into large camps for Alqaeda Levant fighters known locally as Nusra Front. Syrian Arab Army with the assistance of National Defense Forces and Syrian Resistance units insist on not leaving a foothold for terrorists in their region. It’s huge, mountainous and rugged terrain, it takes time to finish it. We’ll update our readers once we get the latest information from the ground.

The great battle of Alqussayr is looming, terrorists prevented civilian residents from fleeing using them as human shields in the city that is now totally besieged and the SAA is working to sweep all remnants of terrorists in the region. ANNA news agency came with the following video report (with English subtitles) from the area. The terrorists desecrated and destroyed an ancient Monastery in Rableh town. Nusra Front terrorists use George W. Bush, their founding father’s doctrine: ‘You’re either with us or against us’ so in their logic: ‘You’re either al-Nusra or you’re against Nusra’, and you can imagine what happens to those who are against Nusra Front, or you can go back to our archive for some examples. Here’s the report:

This is how Mar Elias (Elijah) Monastery used to look like:

Mar Elias Monastery before it was 'liberated' by Nusra Front
Mar Elias Monastery before it was ‘liberated’ by Nusra Front
Mar Elias Monastery before it was 'liberated' by Nusra Front
Mar Elias Monastery before it was ‘liberated’ by Nusra Front

The situation in Damascus, Aleppo Countryside, Aleppo city, and the south of Syria is improving but slowly, we can’t get information out for 2 reasons: 1. The SAA is very quiet when it comes to its achievements, they don’t brag about it, especially when they’re killing hundreds of the worst terrorists daily, it’s becoming like a normal news for them. 2. To preserve the lives of civilians in areas on the road of SAA who might be taken as hostages by Nusra Front terrorists like what happened in a number of places.

In retaliation to the advances of the SAA, a group of Hamas fighters with the help of Nusra Front terrorists in Yarmouk Camp for Palestinians near Damascus destroyed the grave of the founder of the Palestinian Liberation Movement Fat’hi Shiqaqi who was assassinated by Mossad in 1995 in Malta and his body buried near Damascus. Hamas Politburo has turned the movement from a resistance movement on the ground to liberate Palestine to a hotel based movement seeking to preserve power in the Islamist enclave they created in Gaza Strip in exchange of some millions of dollars promised by the Qatari ‘liberator of the Islamic world’.

Another huge retaliation and a big achievement by the 107 group of countries that voted against Syria was carried out by a group of Nusra Front freedom fighters by kidnapping the 80 years old father of Syria’s deputy minister of foreign affairs Faisal Miqdad in Daraa city. We’re still awaiting further details and confirmations.

We’ll try to get further information out as soon as we can verify it.

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