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Turkish Madman Erdogan Arrests a Prominent Journalist for Criticizing Him

Prominent Turkish Journalist Sedef Kabas detained by Erdogan for reciting a proverb

The Turkish madman Erdogan does not like to be criticized, not even to be called a bull who turned the Turkish Presidential Palace into a barn, it seems, prominent journalist Sedef Kabash is his latest victim who committed this horrific crime!

Sedef Kabash’s ‘horrific crime’ came during a talk show in which she recited two proverbs which the regime of Erdogan considered as a personal insult to him, one of which might be considered resembling him to a bull who entered the presidential palace and turned it into a barn, Ms. Kabash did not name the bull in her remarks.

The following report by the Syrian Ikhbariya details what happened with Ms. Kabash:

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

The report’s English subtitles transcript:

The arrest of the Turkish journalist, Sedef Kabash, sparked a storm of reactions in the Turkish media circles and came after she uttered a well-known proverb in Turkey while speaking on a talk show, and the Turkish regime considered it an insult to Erdogan.

There is a well-known saying that says the one who wears the crown becomes wise, but we do not have this.

Or there is another proverb that says that when the bull enters the palace, it does not become a king, but rather that the palace turns into a barn.

Sedef Kabash’s fame helped her in spreading the news of her arrest, but there are thousands of citizens arrested on charges of insulting the President of the Republic without anyone knowing about them, the opposition parties confirmed that since he took office in 2014, Erdogan has filed more than 39,000 lawsuits for the personal insult against politicians, journalists, and ordinary citizens, to exceed by several times all the presidents of Turkey combined in the number of lawsuits in this field, and to gain litigation from them an additional source of income for Erdogan, according to opposition politicians.

Sertaş Is, editor-in-chief of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet:

The function of the media is to criticize the mistakes of the authority, this is what we have studied and learned. If I am going to praise the authority for its actions, I am not a journalist. In fact, we have not witnessed in the era of any Turkish president or prime minister what we are witnessing today, but we cannot give up and we must struggle for the interest of our country.

Freedom of media and expression reached its lowest limits under Erdogan, as Turkey ranks 153rd out of 180 countries in terms of press freedom, according to Reporters Without Borders, while observers confirm that writing critical posts about Erdogan’s policies today on social media requires great courage and anticipation of a raid and arrest at any moment.

Observers say that Turkey is suffering from intractable political, humanitarian, and human rights crises and that the current economic crisis that is plaguing the country is only one of the results of the violations of democracy and human rights.

Omar Ahmed, Syrian News, Ankara.

End of the subtitles transcript.

As the failure of the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan in Syria is drawing a backlash at home on all levels especially the deterioration of the economy of the G20 country he leads despite that his country was not under any foreign threat, no other country invaded Turkey, under Erodgan’s leadership even Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists did not carry out or threaten to carry out attacks on the country since they already rule there through Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood AKP party.

The Turkish economy was a promising one thriving on the account of the Syrian economy between 2003 and 2011 just before Erdogan decided to execute the Syrian chapter in the role tasked to him by George W. Bush in the ‘Greater Israel Project’ after succeeding in his previous tasks in Iraq and Libya by aiding their direct invasions by NATO, installing loyal regimes in Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Qatar (pronounced Gutter), and taking over Egypt. The Syrian leadership thought to contain its NATO northern neighbor instead of confronting it at the cost of its own economy especially taking into consideration the European Union blocking Turkey’s ambitions to join their block, but that didn’t stop the Turkish madman and his neo-Ottoman caliphate dream and does not fulfill his instructions given to him by Bush Jr.

Erdogan admits in an interview he was assigned a leading role in the ‘Greater Israel Project’ by George W. Bush

Winning Syria would have revived Erdogan’s dream of the Ottoman Sultanate or Caliphate, whatever, especially that Russia and Iran would be weakened and he can easily expand in the Russian Islamic republics, but he failed in Syria which reversed the dominos of his achievements in almost all the countries he reigned over with his Muslim Brotherhood fanatics.

Journalists like Sedef Kabash and thousands of other journalists, politicians, and tens of thousands of ordinary people are silenced before they wake up the Turks on who is really behind their suffering and who turned their country from the peace-loving democratic role model with ‘zero problems in foreign policies’ into the most-hated country with problems with every other neighbor and every other country around the world, except Qatar (pronounced Gutter).

street gutter
An unrelated picture of a street gutter!

Syria News was among the first targets of the Turkish madman Erdogan, his lawyer filed a legal case against us in a court in Istanbul, and surprisingly, he won it! We have warned earlier that being a journalist in Turkey is one of the riskiest jobs there unless this journalist turns into an Erdogan’s puppet.

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