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Syria’s Bashar Jaafari on the Russian Military Operation in Ukraine

Dr. Bashar Jaafari - Syria Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on the Russian military operation in Ukraine - د. بشار الجعفري نائب وزير الخارجية السوري

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Bashar Al Jaafari, held a press interview with the Russian media outlet Sputnik discussing the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the West’s role in fabricating the crisis to weaken Russia.

Q1: Syria supported the Russian military operation in Ukraine, what is your opinion today of the position of Western countries by imposing sanctions on Russia, excluding it from the SWIFT system, and closing the airspace to Russian air traffic?

First, in terms of principle, unilateral coercive measures are illegal under the Charter of the United Nations, meaning that the so-called sanctions are wrong, they are basically unilateral coercive measures taken by some countries against others that disagree with them in politics, meaning that these countries that impose coercive measures on others do not stand the right of others to differ with them in opinion. This is the basis. When you disagree with someone about politics, especially Western countries that claim to be democracies and follow the approach of liberal openness, human rights, and freedom of the press in the media, and all of these allegations, you suddenly find that they cannot bear the difference of opinion with other countries.

If you are liberal to the outside world, as you say, this means that there must be a dialogue, even with those with whom you differ in opinion. This is the basis. If matters reach the point of misunderstanding, you do not have the right to unilaterally resort to imposing unilateral coercive economic sanctions on your opponent or those with whom you differ in opinion. The only body authorized to impose sanctions is the Security Council, despite all our observations on it.

Westerners generally play with terminology when international legal terms do not suit them. The term ‘sanctions’ is not included in the Charter of the United Nations, and many of the concepts are not included in the Charter.

When the founding fathers drafted the United Nations Charter, they were optimistic that the wars would end after World War II, meaning that they were perfectionists at extrapolating the future based on their victory over Nazism, fascism, and Japanese militarism. Therefore, the Charter begins with the phrase “We the peoples have decided that the wars are over, and we must engage in dialogue and contribute to development collectively to end colonialism.”

After the collapse of the Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union and the emergence of the neoliberal American school of thought represented by the clash of civilizations, the end of old history, and the beginning of American history, the West felt that there was a golden opportunity for the whole world to adopt the concept of a single-pole, the West pole, and everything else should revolve in the orbit of the West Pole.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which turned into Russia and was in a state of extreme weakness during the days of Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, and the disintegration of the Eastern bloc, a large number of the Eastern bloc countries joined NATO in violation of the agreements and understandings that were set previously, which ruled that NATO should not expand to the east, meaning that the West did not respect its pledges, neither with Gorbachev nor Yeltsin.

In light of all these matters, the West began to feel that it was time to impose new political terms such as the term “protection of civilians,” which is not included in the United Nations Charter. Based on this term, in a moment of Soviet and then Russian weakness, Libya, for example, was invaded and Iraq was invaded and occupied, and a huge number of conflicts and clashes in the world were fabricated by the recognition of the United Nations itself, which said in one of its reports ten years ago that conflicts increased three times more than they were during the days of the Cold War.

Therefore, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the end of the Eastern bloc, and the beginning of the new history that the Americans talked about brought more instability to the globe due to Western interference in the affairs of countries.

All this explains the background of the so-called sanctions. The United States of America, NATO, and, of course, Europe, which are historically fabricating wars from the First and Second World Wars, colonialism, and the killing of 90 million American Indians are all European products.

The Europeans are specialized in fabricating wars, conflicts, and instability, and they were slaughtering each other for centuries, from the Thirty Years’ War and the Eighty Years’ War and the Hundred Years’ War, all European wars, and they were fighting each other under many pretexts, the Catholics against the Protestants and the Protestants against the Orthodox. We must not forget that the first crusade to the Middle East was against the Orthodox in Constantinople, it was not against the Muslims in Al Quds (Jerusalem).

The second term, which is a term in which there is a lot of hypocrisy, which is called the rule of law, as if the law exists only in Western countries, and that many countries, in the opinion of the West, do not have a law, and therefore Western countries may interfere in the internal affairs of a country in order to impose the law as if the globe were a forest of wolves eating each other and there is no one who protects this forest except American and Western law.

The third term, the subject of weapons of mass destruction, through which Iraq was destroyed, but what about the Israeli weapons of mass destruction that everyone knows, including the American one, and about which the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) writes.

Every year this Swedish Institute says that Israel has atomic bombs and has chemical and biological activities and all weapons of mass destruction, Israel is not reprimanded or pressured into dismantling its nuclear program.

At the end of 2008, a semi-secret meeting of the Security Council took place late at night, attended by the then Iraqi Foreign Minister, to end the work of the UNMOVIC (the UN The United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission Committee) concerned with the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which was established after the occupation of Iraq and was building its work on the work of a previous committee (UNSCOM) and these two committees worked from 1991 to 2008 in search of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and they found nothing, neither before nor after the occupation. They wanted to bury the issue and there were two ambassadors who attended the meeting at the time, me and the Iraqi ambassador.

They said in the summary of the session that the UNMOVIC and UNSCOM committees did not find weapons of mass destruction, but if this is said, there will be a scandal, and everyone will say what you did during the 18 years if you are lying, and if they say we found them, they will tell them where are these weapons?, and there was an embarrassment to them, after deliberations between each other, and Russia at that time was in a moment of strategic weakness, all members of the Council accepted to say that the work of the two committees had been terminated without saying that they had found or not found weapons of mass destruction.

In the Security Council, the archives of the UNMOVIC Committee are buried in heat- and bullet-resistant boxes with digital locks that only the Secretary-General of the United Nations knows, and they remain closed for 60 years. These are facts from the work of the Security Council in 2008 and I am an eyewitness to them.

These terms are invented and promoted by the West, and many naive people adopt and speak about them. Until now, many Arabs believe that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction as a result of the lies circulated by the Western media, just as is happening today.

If you follow the Western media to find out how they deal with the Ukrainian crisis, you feel that you are in front of a surreal scene that is all lies, the last of which was today when they said that a Russian plane was shot down, and it turned out later to be taken from a children’s video and promoted as a downed Russian plane.

Now we see the amount of misinformation and lies that are being pumped about Ukraine, Syria, and other places, how can we believe this West while it lies to us on issues related to our countries. The same fabrications that they made at the beginning of the war on Syria are being fabricated today on Ukraine by fabricating false fictitious stories and making baseless accusations to distort and defame the Russian position in Ukraine.

Q2: The United States of America was founded on three principles: having a strong army, a strong economy, and a strong media. There is no doubt that the media plays a major role in the wars waged by America and the West in the world. With regard to the economy, these economic measures taken against Russia, Syria, and other countries, how do they affect the economies of those countries, and can Russia find from these sanctions an opportunity to strengthen its internal and external economic position?

When they were in the West after World War II discussing the creation of the United Nations, they were discussing to envision certain mechanisms for world domination, therefore, when they established the United Nations, they established with it international economic mechanisms to monitor the global economy, including the World Bank, for example, and the International Monetary Fund, why were they established?

The United Nations for diplomatic and political work, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for Economic and Financial Control. If there was a good intention at the time, it would have been possible for these two mechanisms to either be outside the United States of America, or to have the management of these two institutions collectively, that is, to have a Security Council like the United Nations, and to have a grouping of the victorious countries in the war such as the Russian, Chinese and others, but this was not done as it is going on to this day.

The latest leaks say that President Biden a month ago received the Emir of Qatar after the Gas Exporting Countries Summit.

The American mind was aiming at Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, the Russian gas pipeline that supplies gas to Europe. The American mind aimed at these two lines before the events in Ukraine, so Biden summoned the Emir of Qatar to Washington and asked him about Qatar’s ability to meet Europe’s emergency needs for gas. Was Biden reading the unseen and knowing that President Putin would enter Ukraine?! of course no.

This is employing the economy in favor of political action because the West knew that it was pushing the Ukrainian president to blow up the situation in Ukraine with Russia, so they held the Gas Exporting Countries Summit in Doha and then summoned the Emir of Qatar to Washington.

This means that President Putin was in a defensive and not offensive state when he decided to move, also, the Russian intelligence knew that there were preparations and that there was something being underway in Washington.

There are dozens of experiences about Western misconduct towards other countries that disagree with it, such as Cuba, on which America imposed a 70-year embargo. What is the threat that the Cubans pose to America, except that they do not agree with the American trends?

Q3: There is information about the presence of well-trained Syrian militants in northern Syria, and they have begun to move to Ukraine. Do you have information about that?

We measure on past experiences. Now we do not have detailed information about the transfer of terrorists to Ukraine, but by analogy, this thing happened before when Syrian terrorists were transferred to Libya and then to Azerbaijan and other places.

But who transports these terrorists, and is it simple for them to move from one country to another with their weapons without specific intelligence coverage? Of course, we know the Turkish intelligence was behind the transfer of terrorists from Idlib to Libya and Azerbaijan, and the Syrian government has nothing to do with that. We are against this issue as a country. They are basically outlaws and the Syrian state has nothing to do with them.

Therefore, by analogy, we say that this matter may be true, especially since we, as a country, with our allies, document on a daily basis that the American forces present on Syrian territory recycle terrorists from one place to another, especially ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other factions whose names suggest that they are of Turkish origins, like the “Sultan Murad Brigades” and others, and the “Uyghurs”, how can you describe them that they are Syrians, for example, and their name is Uyghur; who are Chinese, the name exposes them.

Recycling terrorists is an American specialty, transporting them from Al-Hol camp to Al-Tanf and then to Afghanistan and Burkina Faso. Only major countries that have a high logistical capacity are capable of this huge logistical work. Public opinion must be sufficiently enlightened so that it does not fall prey to media misinformation.

Q4: Is there congruence between the terrorists in Syria and the Nazis in Ukraine?

Yes, both operate under the command of the handler. Today we are in the twenty-first century, and 75 years or more have passed since the victory over Nazism. After all these years, is there anyone who would dare to say that he would support an extremist faction in Ukraine called “Neo-Nazis” carrying the same flag as Nazism, which is a bogeyman of the West; if this faction is not sponsored by certain countries and intelligence services just because they are hostile to Russia?

The West has no objection to arming Satan against Russia if it is in its interest, even though Russia and the West have won together over Nazism, and if they were real partners with Russia in that victory over Nazism, they would not have supported the neo-Nazis in Ukraine today. This is a clear example of Western hypocrisy, and we do not rule out that tomorrow ISIS terrorists will be transferred to Ukraine. We do not exclude that we see this human garbage operating in Ukraine.

Q5: As for the Ukrainian president, he is not a stupid person and he is aware that America only seeks to achieve its interests. Why do you think that such politicians go with America with the illusions it makes for them? How can they believe it?

My personal belief is that Zelensky is not from the traditional political establishment, as he did not emerge from the ranks of traditional political action from parties and other things, and therefore politics is a science and a specialty, so the Ukrainian president is the product of the coup against former President Parachenko, who was from Donetsk and close to Moscow, and therefore he was overthrown.

Zelensky was used as a pawn to the West for strategic purposes and after it was implicated in order to exhaust Moscow with side battles that drain its international reputation, hence the recent calls to expel Russia from the Security Council, as if we were in a cartoon movie.

The Security Council was established according to an international understanding after World War II for the countries that defeated the Nazis, Russia among the victorious countries, it was the Soviet army that stormed Berlin, the stronghold of Nazism. No one can ignore the Russian role in the international balance and the maintenance of international peace and security. Imagine if Russia and China were not members of the Security Council, it would be possible for wars and invasions to continue and undermine everything that has international balance and international relations. Now every day the Security Council deals with 5 files and crises, and in the days of the Cold War, it used to deal with a file every month.

Q6: Britain has an unsurprising position, but it is ahead of America. Today, Britain requires the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine before beginning the Russian-Ukrainian talks. Why is this position?

There is an organic Anglo-Saxon alliance between Britain and America that transcends Europe because the first immigrants who went to America were Irish and British, so Britain in a way with its colonial mentality still thinks America is its old colony. And that in its arrogant-political literature, where they still see themselves as a higher class than Europe and call themselves an island and not part of the continent.

There is a close objective alliance between the Anglo-Saxons on the one hand and America on the one hand, in addition to the fact that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is suffering from internal crises due to scandals, wants to return to himself some of the shares he lost by playing a prominent role in hostility to Russia.

Historically, the Tsarist family in Russia before the Soviet Union had intermarriage with the royal family in Britain, and despite this close relationship and intermarriage between the two families when the Russian Tsar asked at the time to come as a political refugee to London, they refused. The English mind is malignant, intertwined, built on arrogance.

Q7: Are there fears in Syria about the possibility of pressure on President al-Assad again to exclude him from political life and to extend gas pipelines from Qatar towards Europe through Syria and cut off the road to Russian gas?

This talk was one of the causes of the crisis (in Syria). President al-Assad himself said that one of the reasons for the war on Syria was that he refused to extend the Qatari gas pipeline to Turkey and then to Europe to thwart the Russian pipeline.

Yes, this is absolutely true. But we are concerned that Syria has become an integral part of the Russian national security, and therefore now the decision at the level of the two leaderships is to double the forms of strategic cooperation between the two countries, to rise to the threats that the two countries face as a result of the similarity of experience such as sanctions, attempts to isolate, Nazis, terrorists, media boycott, distortion, lies, and media misinformation. As they did in Syria with regard to the chemical file, for example, for years of lying.

Today, there is an analogy with what Russia is going through and what we have been through for ten years, and the Russian allies understood it when they decided to enter Syria at the request of the Syrian government in 2015.

But it must be taken into account that the Russians did not start from scratch. President Putin entered Chechnya in 2000, and in 2008 to Georgia, and Crimea in 2014. It was required that Georgia joins NATO, that is, the same scenario that is happening now in Ukraine was in Georgia, and I have no doubts the problem in Kazakhstan is in the same vein.

The three most important countries for Russia from the old republics are Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Problems have been created in the three countries, and this is an indication that the strangulation process that the West is working on towards Russia is systematic, old, and escalating, meaning that what is happening in Ukraine is a link in all those stages.

Q8: Syria has adapted to the sanctions that were imposed against it and established a specific system through which it can meet the needs of the Syrians. Today, how can the sanctions against Russia affect Syria?

The countries that are subject to unilateral coercive measures have realized that they must coordinate with each other, such as Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and Belarus, and the number has become large, and the process is underway to establish alternative mechanisms to the Swift financial system, which the West is proud of today of having cut off Russia.

This was supposed to happen a long time ago, for countries that oppose the West in their policies to consider finding alternative mechanisms to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The BRICS countries thought about this, but they did not go far because of the conditions that Brazil went through and because of the openness of the Americans to India. But the idea was sound, and it is the only radical solution to be economically independent as you are politically independent, and these like-minded countries that are exposed to the same threat must meet and decide to find new mechanisms to deal with each other.

This has become an inevitable necessity, otherwise, this series will not end, as the West will not modify its policies because it does not deal with other countries as equals. Even they do not consider Russia and China to be equal even though they are important poles of the world. There is a mental defect in Western thought that can only be fixed by making it realize that there are alternative mechanisms, meaning that when the West wants to impose sanctions on these countries, it will initially punish itself and will be the loser because these countries have their own alternative mechanisms.

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