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Iraqi Parliament to Convene Today to Decide the Fate of US Troops in the Country

Iraqi Parliament

The Iraqi Parliament will convene today in a historical event that will help shape the future of the region and beyond.

The Iraqi government called on the country’s parliament to convene and discuss the US-imposed treaty on Iraq called the ‘Strategic Framework Agreement’ and decide on the need of the US troops in the country who are there for training and advisory purposes not to carry out massacres and assassinations in the country.

The gravest crimes carried out by the US troops in Iraq in the span of 4 days only were the killing of 31 Iraqi service members and injuring 55 more, and the cheap-styled assassination of visiting top Iranian general Solemani along with the second-ranking commander in Iraqi security.

The intentional targeting of the Iraqi security forces guarding the border crossings with Syria, hundreds of miles away from the location of the alleged attack that killed a US civilian contractor, and causing the high number of casualties was the Trump regime of war’s response to the reopening of the Syrian – Iraqi border crossing approved by the Iraqi government.

The US sees any economic breath for Iraq and Syria as a danger to its hegemony in the region and a failure to the trillions of dollars it spent in the past 2 decades destroying these two countries.

It was the opening of this border crossing and the large contracts signed with China using the Iraqi currency in the dealings that led the US – Saudi – Israeli camp to suddenly push their agents to instigate ‘popular’ protests against ‘corruption’ in Iraq that led to the resignation of the Iraqi government of Adel Abdul Mahdi. Not that Iraq doesn’t have massive corruption, but that corruption was mainly due to the US presence protecting a number of its own aligned corrupt officials.

The killing of Qasem Soleimani, that united the Iraqi people against their true enemies protecting the corruption and crime in their country that turned the tides and moved the Iraqi public to demand the immediate withdrawal of the US

The slain Iranian top Major General Qasem Soleimani was Iran’s most revered army officer, a personal friend to all the Iranian leading figures, and also the region’s champion in fighting and defeating the US-sponsored ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, in that heinous cheap treacherous attack while the man was on an official visit to Iraq and was due to meet its caretaking Prime Minister to defuse the escalations that ensued the US first crime killing the Iraqi security personnel and followed by the partial storming of the US embassy in Baghdad.

There is already mounting US pressure on members of the Iraqi parliament, especially of Kurdish ethnicity and from parliament blocks who benefit from the US presence in the country to vote against the notion of asking the withdrawal of US troops or at least not attend the parliament session depriving it quorum needed. News from the Iraqi capital Baghdad also reported calls to some ‘activists’ to block the roads off the MPs from reaching the parliament building, similar to what they did in Beirut a month ago.

Today is a turning point in the Iraqi history, if the parliament votes in favor of departing the US troops, those troops will lose any legal status in the country and will be considered occupation forces, in case they do not leave voluntarily within a given timeframe. Occupation forces are legitimate targets for resistance militias and the government’s own forces.

If, however and for whatever reason, the Iraqi parliament fails to vote for the departure of the US troops, that would only alienate the MPs voting against the notion or not attending, and would lead to further escalations in the streets.

Whatever the outcome is, Trump’s regime of war will start realizing the grave mistake it carried out in the past week, and that will have ramifications worldwide including in the upcoming elections in the USA itself.

Trump himself after his crime might have started realizing it calling on the Iranians for talks by sending numerous messages through different envoys in order not to retaliate and by a tweet he says in that ‘Iran never won but never lost in negotiations’, my best guess he’s referring to the US itself which never won a war it carried out anywhere in the world but won a lot in intimidated negotiations. He just confuses wars with battles, that’s it.

This would be the beginning of the ‘Maximum Pressure’ policy but not what Trump is exercising against Iran and Syria, it is the first steps of Iran’s retaliation using the US own mistakes and crimes. Those who have more patience always win.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Get rid of the terrorists occupying your nation, killing your people and stealing your ressources. If not today, prepare to let it happen tomorrow, time will work for you, as the Empire is already in decline.

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