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Kurdish SDF Terrorists Escalate War Crimes against the Syrian People

US troops and Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists kidnap Syrians in Deir Ezzor

In a new wave of kidnapping, the Kurdish SDF terrorists stormed two towns in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, in the northeast of Syria, the terrorists kidnapped several men, the Kurdish SDF terrorists then burned down houses in the towns and fled.

Local sources confirmed that the SDF terrorists surrounded the towns of Kishkiyeh and Abu Hamam and set up checkpoints, disconnected the internet in the region before raiding the houses owned by members of the Al-Shuaitat Tribe, one of the largest Syrian Arab tribes in the northern regions of Syria.

Taking advantage of the world’s attention diverted toward Ukraine, the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northeastern Syria have escalated their war crimes against the Syrian people especially after the Syrians increased their protests against the Kurdish SDF terrorists who operate under the full protection of the Biden forces of the US army who, in turn, are illegally deployed in Syria merely to steal Syrian oil and wheat and to pressure the Syrian people into submission.

These latest escalations in war crimes by the Kurdish SDF terrorists and their NATO sponsors come amid high tensions in the northeast of Syria after the Biden’s White House and their Kurdish stooges released dozens of ISIS terrorists from a makeshift prison of Al Sina’a run by the Kurdish armed terrorists in the Ghweran neighborhood of Al Hasakah in late January this year to recycle them through its illegal Al Tanf base in the south of Syria and add them to the backbone of its mercenary terrorists forming the so-called ‘Foreign Legion’ to rescue the Ukrainian President Zelensky from his people in the wake of the Russian military operation in Ukraine to protect the people of Donbas.

Syrians in the regions still under NATO forces and their Kurdish and Al Qaeda terrorist occupation in northern Syria are being persecuted daily by this evil western alliance and its stooges without a word of concern from the self-proclaimed ‘international community’ which is now flooding the media with their crocodile tears while setting the stage to ‘Afghanistanize’ Ukraine.

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