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Israel and ISIS Target the Syrian People, Army Murder 15 Injure 18 Others

Israel bombs a factory northeast of Damascus killing 2 people -عدوان اسرائيلي على ضاحية الأسد شمال شرق دمشق يقتل مواطنين

Israel and ISIS have shown their alliance yet again, in nearly simultaneous attacks on the Syrian people, including another massacre of 13 members of the Syrian Arab Army, the people’s sons, daughters, siblings, and parents. The rogue state Israel funded by US taxpayers bombed the Levantine Republic mere hours after ISIS bombed another bus carrying soldiers.

Israel murdered two Syrian civilians on Monday, 7 March, around 0500 Damascene time, when it launched a series of missiles via an illegal breach of Lebanese airspace, targeting “some sites in Damascus vicinity.” SANA reported that most of the US taxpayer-purchased missiles were intercepted.

The video is also available on YouTube and Bitchute.

On 24 February, Israel murdered three soldiers defending their homeland within their country. That was the third war criminal bombing of the SAR during the time frame of the US taxpayer-funded House Democrats visit to Israel. This most recent war crime by America’s biggest welfare cheat followed the ISIS massacre of thirteen soldiers and injury of eighteen more, by mere hours.

Pelosi with neo-McCarthyite warmonger Adam Schiff, barking over ''ironclad'' relationship with Israel.
Pelosi with neo-McCarthyite warmonger Adam Schiff, barking over ”ironclad” relationship with Israel, in Jerusaelem.

The alliance of the USA’s welfare queen Israel with terrorists murdering Syrians, dates back to 5 May 2013, when FSA moderate killers were given notice of Israel’s plan to bomb Damascus so that the Kodak Moment could be captured by state of the art cameras.

Israel bombs Damascus, 5 May 2013, as al Qaeda cameras roll.
Israel bombs Damascus, 5 May 2013, as al Qaeda cameras roll.

Syria News has published too many reports of Israel and ISIS coordinating their terrorist attacks to hyperlink; it is more efficient to use the search engine that shares the countless reports.

We must, however, remind American taxpayers, currently besieged in unprecedented food, housing, and healthcare insecurity, that our tax dollars to Israel have also been used to provide state of the art surgical care to ISIS terrorists, on the occupied Syrian Golan, and in Israeli hospitals.

We must also note that on 25 February, Israel bragged that the Ukraine crisis would not impinge upon its supremacist entitlement to continue its war crimes against the Syrian people.

Somewhat dispiritedly, we also note that this most recent deadly attack by the non-NATO country that enjoys all the benefits of those paying dues, held recent conversations with Russia.

Again, to the majority of US Americans worried about food and homelessness, perhaps we should take the advice of our oligarchs demanding we submit to more austerity; perhaps we should be of good cheer in knowing our taxes help Israel murder Syrians, many of which are blue-eyed.

Syrian President Bashar Assad Blue Eyes

Miri Wood and Arabi Souri

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