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District Police in Afamia Discover an Ammunition Depot Used by Al Qaeda

Ammunition found in Apamea (Afamia) Northwest of Hama - العثور على ذخيرة للإرهابيين في أفاميا شمال شرق حماه

The district police in Afamia (Apamea) in central Syria discovered a new depot storing large quantities of ammunition left behind by the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists.

Police officers in the district with the help of the locals busted an abandoned house in the village of Kafr Nabbudah of the Afamia region and seized 73 containers loaded with bullets of different sizes and projectiles for RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade) launchers, the Syrian Ministry of Interior said in a statement published by the Syrian news agency Sana.

Upon further investigation, the police managed to link the house owner to terrorist attacks and he’s at large, the police Ministry of Interior did not name the terrorist in its statement, it did confirm that the ammunition discovered were handed over to the competent law enforcement agency to handle the cache.

Afamia is a historical center with prominent remains founded in 300 BC and lived through the 13th century before the center of power in its region moved out and continued as an ordinary village later on. It’s located on the right bank of the Orontes River, it’s part of the larger area of Al Suqaylabiyah, a significant and vibrant Christian hub in the northwestern countryside of Hama, Central Syria. Afamia is about 45 kilometers (28 miles) to the northeast of the city of Hama, it’s barely 2 kilometers (1.46 miles) from the borders of Idlib province.

For the past 11 years, citizens of NATO member states have overwhelmed the Syrian people with their generosity and selflessness funneling billions of Dollars/ Euros/ and Sterling Pounds to ‘freedom fighters’ of ‘foreign legions’ brought into Syria from all corners of the world to help ‘spread democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ the Syrian people were lacking, hundreds of thousands of those Syrians will not need anymore because they were slaughtered by those ‘democracy’ enablers financed with NATO citizens’ tax money.

This latest quantity of ammunition will most likely be destroyed and not reused by the Syrian army or any Syrian law enforcement agency, the unit of the Syrian Army’s Engineering Corps handling ammunition and weapons seized from terrorists is constantly destroying those killing tools almost daily all over the country as its warehouses are loaded with such NATO gifts.

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