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Syrian Army Sapper Killed While Dismantling an Explosive Device in Daraa

SAA Syrian Army sapper demining explosive device - engineering unit

A Syrian Arab Army’s sapper was killed while dismantling an explosive device planted in a vehicle in the Al-Sabil neighborhood in the southern city of Daraa earlier this morning.

Daraa police spokesperson said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA:

“While a member of the engineering units was dismantling an explosive device planted in a private car in the Al-Sabil neighborhood of Daraa, the device exploded, which led to the death of the officer.”

The area was sealed immediately by the SAA Engineering Unit looking for other explosives and the law enforcement agencies in the city started investigating and searching for a suspect who might have remotely detonated the bomb when the engineering officer was working on it.

SAA sapper killed while dismantling a car bomb in Daraa
The car that blew up killing the Syrian Army sapper in Daraa 14 June 2021

Daraa province still has some security issues due to it bordering Jordan in the south, one of the main conduits for importing, training, arming, and smuggling terrorists into Syria throughout the past decade taking advantage of the long borders Syria shares with Jordan mostly desert and rough terrain, and due to the presence of illegal US forces of the US Army and CIA in the At Tanf area in the furthest southeast of Syria at the joint borders of Syria, Jordan and Iraq, these forces are protecting hundreds of ISIS-affiliated Maghawir Thawra terrorists who in turn hold thousands of Syrian families in the infamous Rukban concentration camp.

Although thousands of terrorists have joined the reconciliation scheme where they would drop their weapons and return to their normal lives in exchange for amnesty, most of them were forced to join the ranks of terrorist groups by threats against their families, some refused to join the reconciliation scheme and went on attacking their former colleagues and Syrian army posts and personnel carried out targeted assassinations of notables and carried out some massacres like the horrific massacre against the nearby province of Sweida in July 2018 where they killed 215 civilians, injured 180 others, kidnapped 27 women and children, and fled to the At Tanf area under the protection of the illegal US military base.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The ongoing terrorism because the USA does not want to accept having a country that said no to its hegemonic plans.


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