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Syrian Woman on Amnesty’s Criminal Propaganda against Her Country

Syrian activist Afraa Dagher questions the latest campaign of Amnesty’s criminal propaganda against her country.


Hello, Amnesty!

Where is Amnesty about what is going on in Bahrain?  The Bahraini king hanged and executed young men, just for they are ‘oppositions.’

What about Saudi Arabia, which has a chair in the Human Rights Council?  Saudi Arabia put a Syrian worker in Saudi, in prison, just because he posted on his Facebook page that he’s supporting the Syrian government, and he put the Syrian flag; that was a guilt!

What about Guantanamo?  What about Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq? And the war crimes committed by the American soldiers against Iraqi innocent prisoners there?

Amnesty, what about the whole of Syria, which the west and the Arab Gulf, Turkey and some European countries, turned our country into a big prison, by your sanctions, by sponsoring, promoting, and supporting, financing, training mercenaries, terrorists!

The evidence is right now Amnesty want to send international observer to check the prison in Sadnaya, to defend al Qaeda and the radical Islamist terrorists.  Depends on fake witnesses!

Another point:  Syria is the homeland of all.  Syria welcomed Kurdish and Syria gave them the Syrian nationality.  However, they wanted more; they wanted the autonomy.  Why?

To divide Syria, to break the unity of Syria.

Backed by the US and Israel — and the whole world supports them.

But for Turkey, Turkey which is pretending to support Syrians.  Let’s go and support your own people!  In Turkey, Turkey is bombing and fighting Kurdish, PKK, YPG, even in the Syrian territory.  So Turkey is killing its own people, the minority!

But for Syria, we gave them the nationality; with that the world wants us to give them a part of our land, to weaken Syria.

Another point, before I lose power, the ‘safe zones,’ which is another trick from this international plot against Syria!  It is just an American and Turkish colony.  It is not for Syrians, no!  It is to control the border of Syria, to make Syria away from Iraq and Iran, and to weaken the resistance axis, and to give more power to Israel.   Those Kurdish in good relation with Israel and they will be protected (also the so-called rebels) with and by the American soldiers, paid by the Saudi money.  By the help also of Jordan.  So nothing is for Syrians.

It is all against Syrians!

Stop sanctions if you have humanity!  Stop backing terrorists, who committed genocides against Syrians, under the humanity fake councils like the Human Watch Rights!

Why there’s no White Helmets in Yemen?  Why this Amnesty never care about what is going on in Yemen!

Oh, sorry, because it is by Saudi, and Saudi is above the law!

Another point:  the presenter said to – the American anchor -said to our president, there is a Syrian woman in Spanish, talked against you in Spain!

I am a Syrian in Syria, and we love our president and our army.

Stop financing terrorists.

Stop killing our people under the name of fake democracy, fake freedom, fake human rights!


Foreign American terrorists with YPG terrorist, in Syria

Amnesty’s criminal propaganda reports US-sanctioned Saudi genocide against Yemen, as an intervention, despite schools being targeted.

Yemeni school girl murdered by Saudi bombings.

Amnesty’s criminal propaganda ignored the human rights violations by Saudi, when police arrested Syrian Messrs Samer Labibidi and Muhammad Feras Abbarah for posting their support of the liberation of Aleppo, to their Facebook accounts.

Samer Labibidi was one of two Syrian workers arrested by Saudi police for supporting reunification of Aleppo


Editor’s addenda: Amnesty’s new criminal propaganda campaign against the Syrian Arab Republic, has been launched with the help of The Geryon foreign correspondent-founded and al Khanzeera-run M.E.E. Ltd., using anonymous fake witnesses, and a UK-developed digital crimes against peace fantasy to which it has given the Newspeak name of “forensic architecture.”  FA were better called “playing doll house in the digital world.”  Its smarmy fraudulence is exposed in, and demolished by, Tony Cartalucci’s “Amnesty International Admits Syrian “Saydnaya” Report Fabricated Entirely in UK.”

The indecency of Amnesty’s criminal propaganda against Syria has no limits.  Amnesty stole a portion of its February 2017 title from the SyriaNews piece, “Mass Graves and Slaughterhouses in Aleppo,” published 28 December 2016.  Amnesty did not concern itself with the documented human slaughterhouses found by the Syrian Arab Army after the liberation and reunification of Aleppo.

Also of important note, is Ms. Dagher’s comment, “before I lose power.”  Due to the draconian sanctions imposed by US and allies, and the war criminal bombing of Syrian infrastructure, Syrians are frequently without electricity and internet.

It might behoove the neoliberals of the world, who have ignored more than six years of atrocities against Syria, to suddenly excrete buckets of pustulant crocodile tears, while finding themselves on the same side as the imperialist forces attempting a final solution against the SAR, to ponder how only the foreign terrorists occupiers in Syria always have great electricity and internet, with which to be interviewed by war-pimping NATO MSM – or that some of these monsters are actually spewing their murderous lies from Turkey.

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  1. Chris from Pacific Northwest

    Thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless… to the victims denied a voice… to the truth itself buried beneath the garbage of endlessly repeated slogans powered by some truly twisted double think, emenating from the ministry of Truth.

  2. Guy St Hilaire

    Thank you Syrian Woman for what you do and have done for the truth on the ground in Syria.My heart is with you and Gods speed in rebuilding your nation.


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