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2 Syrians Arrested in Saudi for a Facebook Posts Celebrating Aleppo Liberation

image-Syrian Citizen Arrested in KSA

In the world’s most retard political system, the Riyadh police confirmed the arrest of a Syrian citizen residing in the Al-Saud feudalism for a post he shared on the social media website Facebook.

The spokesperson of the police a colonel Fawwaz Miman confirmed his forces monitor posts on the social media site and it upset them that the Syrian citizen, identified as Mr. Samer Lababidi, who is in his forties, has posted a selfie of himself raising the victory sign in front of reports of the latest victories of his government’s army against terrorists in the city of Aleppo.

image-Syrian Citizen Arrested in KSA
Syrian resident in Riyadh Mr. Samer Labibidi arrested by the Saudi guards for posting this post with the words: ‘Congratulations Aleppo’

Since freedom of speech is prohibited in the feudalism and since the United States and the United Kingdom reward this retarded regime, the man’s post was investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and was ‘arrested red-handed with the devices used by him’ as the spokesperson confirmed.

Another Syrian citizen and resident in Riyadh Mr. Muhammad Feras Abbarah was also arrested from his work desk at a hospital in the same city for similar posts.

image-Syrian Citizen Arrested in Saudi
Syrian Citizen Muhammad Feras Abbararh Arrested in Saudi

The Facebook status updater was then sent to face the unthinkable of punishments before the public prosecutor in the city, usually punishments range between 70 lashes in public and decapitating also in public for similar ‘crimes’.

The news of the arrests triggered a social media campaign by the ‘social media activists’, the same supporters of ISIS, Nusra Front and FSA groups killing Muslims in Syria and in Iraq, and unleashed a hashtag in Arabic ‘Bashar Shabeeha’, referring to the Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army, calling on the arresting and punishing residents, reporting many names of them.

The campaign is believed to be masterminded by the founder of Wahhabi Sex Jihad the Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi who also posted his tweets on the subject. Arifi is infamously known for the beating he received by Iraqi men in London when he called for Jihad against the Syria and immediately went to London for a vacation and shopping spree with the money he collected from his spewing of hatred speeches against everybody who is not Wahhabi.

image-Wahhabi Cleric Arifi Tweet Against Syrians in Saudi
Wahhabi Cleric Arifi Tweet Against Syrians in Saudi

Translates: ‘#Bashar Shabeeha in Saudia
I would never have thought there’s a human being with a grain of belief or mercy who would support or love the tyrant of Cham (Natural Syria)!
and the persons will be gathered with whom they love on the Judgment Day’

We are waiting to see the hypocrites in the Western NGO’s and mainstream media, and fake humanitarians if they would launch a campaign for the release of these citizens and to restore their status in the community.

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