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NATO Terrorists Kill Soldier-Journalist Defending Syria

Soldier-journalist, Mohammad Salman Naser, 1982-2017

NATO terrorists today, 26 August, killed another Syrian soldier, a soldier-journalist, defending his homeland within its borders. Mohammad Salman Naser, 34, was martyred in the southern countryside of Raqqa, Syria while defending his country from foreign terrorist invaders from more than 100 countries around the world.  Though western media call Raqqa the ISIS center, this city of 800,000 was first occupied by NATO terrorists of the FSA.  

Naser was born in the Bostan Alsauge village of Tartous, in 1983.  He was a graduate in English literature who worked for SANA news agency as a journalist, editor, and translator from 2009 until 2016, when he entered his military service in the Syrian Arab Army.  Naser was among the soldiers who fought against NATO terrorists occupying the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.  He helped to liberate and reunify Syria’s second capital.

“We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo. Every other country has one capital but Syria has two: Damascus and Aleppo.” — H.E. Bashar al Jaafari

There is no “moderate opposition” in Syria. By every name they are all terrorists.  NATO and its allies fund and arm terrorists here.  They are responsible for every atrocity against us.  In April 2012 NATO ally Saudis emptied 1,239 death row inmates into Syria to commit horrors against us.

Since the beginning of the foreign imposed crisis, all of Syria’s sons have protected  her with their souls.  In Syria, all our sons do their military service (which is voluntary for women).  They come from all walks of life:   Physicians, engineers, teachers, vendors, electricians, plumbers.  Military service is postponed for those who attend university.

Imagine the whole world launching a war against your country.  Imagine more than 100 countries dumping their mercenaries, their insane, their human garbage into your own.  Imagine more than 350,000 NATO terrorists traveling thousand of kilometers to kill your people, to destabilize your country! Imagine the whole world calling these foreign invaders “opposition,” and claiming they are your own people who are “freedom fighters” in your country.

Weapons gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo

Imagine your hospitals, schools, scientists and teachers bombed, and the world cheering fake freedom fighters!

Imagine your children murdered by snipers walking home from school, and nobody reporting about it.

You would not be able to keep calm.  Your country would need your sacrifices.

Foreign NATO terrorists teaching primary Arabic to other foreign invaders. What Syrian family did they slaughter to steal this home? Why do you let them be called “Syrian opposition”?

You wont be able to keep calm, your country need your sacrifices. This is why our army is holy and blessed for us in Syria.  Every soldier is raised in a Syrian family under the care of two Syrian parents who had hoped to see their sons to grow up to be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a scientist.  They didn’t know their children would instead have to fight this ugly war, that their kids would grow up to be soldiers to defend our country.

Soldier-journalist Mohammad Salman Naser with his family

Today another martyr left us, to the sky.  His name was Mohammad  Salman Naser born in 1983.  He was an English literature graduate, a  journalist and then a soldier-journalist.

Bostan Alsouge, Tartous countryside of the martyred Mohammad Salman Naser

Today while he was defending Syria against the terrorists, Mohammad Salman Naser was martyred in the southern countryside of Raqqa.

Like so many others of our blessed martyrs of Syria, peace be on you.

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end. — William Shakespeare, Sonnet 30

— Afraa Dagher with Miri Wood

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