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The Systematic Destruction and Looting of Raqqa City by the FSA

Raqqa was sold twice, once by those who allowed it to fall in the hands of FSA, the second by FSA. Now FSA are selling all that’s of worth in Raqqa. They’ve even held an auction where they sold Tal Abiad street, a commercial and one of the most ancient areas in the city, to a Turkish businessman for 50 million SYP. All the public buildings and cars were robbed. “Rebels” have just to say “Allah Akbar” three times over anything belonging to the people of Raqqa or the State and it becomes theirs.

Sharia was enforced; any who utters the word democracy faces death. AlNusra Front had emptied shops from all alcoholic beverages. FSA and their Islamists groups tried to empty Raqqa of all that’s related to culture or Art. The rich museum was looted, the cultural center burned (photo), the Artists’ Union was vandalized.

Still even after all the suffering and the threats, the people remained unchanged, generous & courageous. One of my acquaintances, a soldier in the Syrian Arab Army, was offered refuge there by a local family. The family hadn’t asked what’s his religion, they just knew that if they didn’t help him he’ll be killed. The family who didn’t know him previously may face torture & death at the hands of the “rebels” for harboring him.

Raqqa faces uncertain future, FSA had booby-trapped large areas in the city, fearing the attack of the Syrian Arab Army.

Photo of the city of Raqqa.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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