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Besieged Town of Nubbol Takes to The Streets in Aleppo Countryside

9 months ago the US, UK & France backed terrorists with endless logistics coming to them from Qatar & Saudi through the fanatic Islamist Brotherhood government of Erdogan in Turkey, have besieged the towns of Nubbol & Zahra in the countryside north of Aleppo city because its people do not support the ‘peaceful revolution’ and instead supports their legitimate state. And since the ‘revolution’ is so ‘peaceful’ the western backed terrorists have placed the 2 towns under a siege preventing the residents from leaving the towns and preventing any goods from going in, in a live crime against humanity occurring before the eyes of the silent ‘international community’, which 3 of its leading member states support such atrocities in the name of ‘democracy’.
Syrian state is doing its best to free the country from the Wahhabi terror infesting it and striving to maintain the souls of its people, of course totally opposite to what NATO’s propaganda outlets feed their Sheeple 24/7 for the past 24 months of the Syrian crisis.
Images credit to Nubbol & Zahra’s Facebook Page
On 23rd February, lawyer Muhammad Abbas Muhiddin and lawyer Ali Nayef Kaadeh went on a mission to the city of Afrin in response to an invitation by the Kurdish elders in the city in order to resolve some outstanding matters and to bring some wheat to the towns of Nubbol & Zahra, and they were kidnapped on their way back near the village of Basouta by a terrorist group led by Ahamad Hassoun Allo from nearby Hreitan town, although the same Allo was a guest in their own houses just few days earlier to the incident for the reconciliation among the neighboring towns. The lawyers have managed earlier in resolving many outstanding matters between their towns and neighboring villages, the last thing they’d expect is to be kidnapped by their negotiators.
Yesterday, the residents of Nubbol took to the streets in a show of support to their state, and to prove they didn’t change their stance after being starved by the terrorist, and to call for the end of this crime against them.
Worth noting that the 2 towns survived till date by a miracle and by the help of Syrian Army helicopters dropping food and medicine to them from air despite them getting under heavy fire by NATO’s freedom fighters.
Will this get the attention of the citizens of the EU, UK, USA and the other ‘freedom’ preachers in the world?

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