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Al-Nusra Front: Who Asks for Democracy is an Infidel & Must be Killed

AlNusra Front had distributed a statement in Raqqa where they claim that all who asks for democracy is an infidel & should be killed. Same statement was released in Iraq by Qaeda.

Some of the reasons why AlNusra Front/Qaeda outlawed Democracy:

·       Democracy means the rule of the people; those who represent them have the power of legislation. Meaning the deity we should worship & obey is MAN, not God above.

·       In Democracy disagreements between governor & those governed are judged by the people, not by the prophet & God, meaning Sunnah & Koran.

·       Democracy means secularism. Total separation between God and the State. God’s only place under secularism is the corners and mosques, while political, economical & social issues are separate from HIM and are judged only by the people.

·       Democracy means personal freedom; a person can sin as much as he wants. None has the right to correct him/her. A Muslim can even convert his religion to Judaism or Christianity.

·       Democracy means equality in rights and responsibilities, regardless of their religion of ethics. Even the most ignorant & infidel are equal to the most learned & moral. Both are equals & share the power to decide on the most important issue like choosing who to rule.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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