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Wahhabizing Syria to Serve the New NATO Appointed Islamist Caliph

image-Wahhabizing Syrian Schools
Never before throughout history would Syrian girls be dipped in black from top to toe at schools & at these ages. Were our fathers & grandfathers and their fathers & grandfathers all the way to first Muslims all misguided and only these new fanatic Wahhabis infesting Syria under NATO’s patronage the ‘Real Muslims’?!
At an elementary school in a city under Moath Al Khatib’s Nusra Front control in Aleppo’s northern countryside:
(Video also available on BitChute:
Wahhabizing Syria into small Islamist (not Islamic) Emirates to accept the new Caliph appointed by NATO, Erdogan thinks he’s the one, each Qatari Hamad (the Emir and the Premier) thinks he’s the one, each of the 30,000 Al Saud Emirs & their king think they’re the ones, and only the black operation room in the Pentagon knows who will be the one they chose..!

– The above information was posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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