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Eid al-Adha in AlQalamoun: President Assad Powerful Message


Today on Friday, the first day of Eid al-Adha, Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad again prayed among his people for this holy event. President Al-Assad has never stopped attending holy days of worship, throughout this war.  He was on the front line with our hero-soldiers, for Ramadan Iftar.  He attended Christmas services at Our Lady of Damascus cathedral. 

This time he joined the worshippers in Sayyedna Bilal Mosque in Qara town, 30 km from the Lebanese border, close to the recently liberated Jroud Arsal.  This year’s Eid al-Adha sacrifice feast came only two days after the significant victory of the Syrian Arab Army in coordination with the Lebanese Islamic resistance Hezbollah, over the west of Al-Qalamoun.  This military victory against the terrorists was a huge hit to those who have bet on the overthrowing of President Al-Assad and their proxy war against Syria.

President Assad sent those enemies a powerful message by crowning the liberation of Al Qalamoun with his visit, the visit of the winner, and confident president who believes in God, in his people, in his army, and in himself.


President Assad was embraced by his people, the Syrian people, in Qara town.  Again this visit proves how much his people love and trust him.  In every part of Syria that he visits, he receives the same great and warm welcoming by his people of all religions.

From the other side, his enemies — the enemies of the Syrian state — are desperately complaining that Assad is winning the battle!  Israeli analysts are complaining on tv that the Syrian Arab Army has secured its border with Lebanon.

The US led coalition has recently gone crazier than usual.  After years of helping ISIS (and all armed terrorist gangs against Syria), dropping weapons to them from the air, delivering weapons to them on the ground, helping to evacuate terrorists from one part of Syria to another, the US tried to destabilize an agreement.

The victory of Al-Qalamoun, the surrender of western-backed terrorists, made the US coalition go completely crazy. These surrendered terrorists were wounded.  All of them were broken and defeated.  They had become useless for this coalition’s purpose in its agenda against Syria.  So great was the anger that the US targeted and bombed the convoy of these broken, useless terrorists.  They had been traded for the blessed bodies of martyrs of the resistance Hezbollah, and the convoy of broken terrorists was permitted to go to a part of Deir AlZour.

President Assad’s Eid al Adha message was clear, even without talking:  We are going to liberate every mile of our homeland.

President Al-Assad in Eid al-Adha prayer

The victory is ours.

— Afraa Dagher

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In mid-May, the terrorist gang Maghaweer al Thawra thanked the US coalition for military equipment to be used against Syria:

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