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President Bashar Assad Performs Eid Adha Prayers at Khalid Ibn Al Walid Mosque in Homs

President Bashar Assad performs Eid Adha prayers in Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Mosque in Homs

President Bashar Assad performed the prayers of Eid Adha, Islam’s main holiday, at the Khalid Ibn Al Walid Mosque in the central Syrian city of Homs.

Several notables and top government officials attended the prayers with President Assad in Homs’s prominent mosque which holds religious, cultural, and political significance throughout the Islamic history in Syria.

Khalid Ibn Al Walid, whose body is buried in the mosque that holds his name, was a companion of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, was the top Islamic army commander who led the Islamic armies in many battles leading to the defeat of the Roman empire in the Levant and has been the main attraction for the people of Homs and the city’s visitors.

The mosque’s cultural value stems from its role as a beacon for scholars in different sciences who would congregate in the mosque and exchange thoughts and achievements.

The political value of the mosque stretches over its existence as the site where governors of Homs and the notables delivered their speeches and met the commons to deliberate about different life issues, it was also used by the US-sponsored terrorists in their anti-Syrian propaganda where they would desecrate the mosque and accuse the Syrian army of destroying the mosque, their claims were constantly refuted by the attendees of the city’s main mosque who would expose the lies and in the fact that the mosque received special care by the consecutive Syrian governments before 2011 and after the city was completely liberated from the terrorists.

President Bashar Assad chose the mosque to perform Eid Adha Prayers on his way back to Damascus from a visit with his family to the Syrian coastal province of Tartous and like in all his public appearances among the people, the Syrian president was received with spontaneous joy and respect from the brave Syrians.

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