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Syrian Army Enters Mosque in al-Khaldiyeh, Homs


Syrian Army gains ground in Homs.

Units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) managed it today to enter a mosque in the al-Khaldiyeh neighbourhood in the western city of Homs, while the clashes between the troops of the Syrian army and the foreign-backed terrorists still continue in the embattled city of Homs.

At least, it seems the units of the Syrian army were again able to gain some ground in the neighbourhood of al-Khaldiyeh in the city of Homs today.

The name of the mosque in al-Khaldiyeh, Homs, is not yet known (it`s the Khalid bin Walid Mosque) but it seems that the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) make further progress in the western city of Homs and this now liberated mosque was probably used as hideout by the foreign-backed terrorists in this area of the Syrian city.

This would not be the first time that these US-backed terrorists use a mosque as hideout, headquarter, or depot for weapons and ammunition. This happened already very often in the last two years of the Syrian conflict and the battle of the Syrian army against this foreign-supported terrorism on Syrian soil, which is even supported by regional allies and proxy states of Western powers, although they are maintaining the obviously “best friendships” with totalitarian dictatorships as Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the same time.

Syria was and is the sole secular Arab nation and all Syrians were ever proud of this communal life of many sects and religions within the Syrian borders because the appearing problems were minor compared to other Arab states in the region and their problems with the different sects.

The Syrian government was and is a mixture of different religious believers and has so far maintained a secular policy for the benefits of the most Syrians, despite the occurring problems due to the economy, sanctions, or by the acceptance of all the Iraqi refugees.

Nearly 100,000 Iraqi refugees fled each month to Syria and Jordan between 2003 and 2006, while Syria had taken about a million refugees till December 2006 and everybody is able to imagine that such a huge number of new refugees due to the illegitimated war against Iraq (based on lies and propaganda) by the United States and its usual allies was a burden for the economy, rental prices and several other areas of life in Syria.

However, the most Syrians did not complain, although the number of prostitutions and crime has increased since then, but several Iraqi refugees and especially families and single mother had a very hard time to get their families and kids through the day and it did not became better with the beginning of the proxy war and the implementation of the so-called Salvador option by foreign powers about two years ago.

Syria has not received the usual financially support for the favourable reception of the Iraqi refugees, certainly the only country that never had up to now.

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  1. Arklight

    Amazing. People claiming to be on missions from God desecrate His house by installing a base for murdering swine? I can’t get my head around the logic, if there is any.


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