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SAA Cleans Uqayribat – Hama Eastern Countryside

image-map of Uqayribat - Hama Eastern Countryside

Syrian Arab Army and allies completed the cleaning of Uqayribat town in Hama Eastern countryside in addition to 12 villages and towns.

Uqayribat, one of ISIS’s largest concentrations in Hama countryside, central Syria, is now under the control of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies after fierce battles with the US sponsored terrorist organization.

The Syrian Arab Army cleaned 12 other villages as well with a total area of 5 times that of Raqqa city, the self-claimed capital of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Caliphate on the Euphrates River.

image-map of Uqayribat - Hama Eastern Countryside
Uqayribat – Hama Eastern Countryside

ISIS now controls 10 square kilometers only from almost one-third of Syria just a couple of years ago. Syria is about 184,000 square kilometers, mostly open desert in its eastern part where ISIS used to claim control.

Uqayribat town was the main base for the terrorist organization to launch offensives against the Syrian Arab Army and allies positions in Hama eastern countryside and the important Aleppo – Hama highway.

On Friday, yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army added 9 more villages to its control in al-Salamiyah countryside, east of Hama.

The march towards Der Ezzor is in full progress, despite the US attempts to stall or attack the advancing forces from the SAA and its allies.

By losing Uqayribat, the terrorists lost their forefront base and their major defense line in the whole region. SAA advancing forces are now less than 50 kilometers from the SAA units defending Der Ezzor city.

An SAA unit remain defending over 120,000 civilians in the besieged city of Der Ezzor for over 3 years despite the United States air force bombing their positions to assist ISIS in more than an occasion.

In the south of Syria, the Syrian Arab Army and allies managed to free 30 kidnapped soldiers including Syrian Arab Army Air Force Pilot Major Ali Helweh whose fighter jet was downed last month by US sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ in Suweida countryside.

SyAF Freed Pilot Ali Helweh
SyAF Freed Pilot Ali Helweh – image credit Sherine Al Ali

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