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Syria and China Enter into Strategic Partnership Relations

Bashar Assad - Xi Jinping - Syria and China Enter into Strategic Partnership Relations

Syria and China opened a new chapter in their 67 years of bilateral relations by entering into a strategic partnership relation, this was announced by President Xi Jinping during the summit with President Bashar Al Assad on the sidelines of the Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad stressed the importance of his visit to China accompanied by the Syrian political and economic delegation during this time of global uncertainty where the foundations of a multipolar world order are being established after decades of the hegemonic world order led by the United States of America.

In his summit with President Xi Jinping, President Al Assad expressed his gratitude for the firm stance of the Chinese government in supporting the Syrian people during the past years of the US-led war of terrorism and attrition against his country.

President Xi Jinping announced the establishment of strategic partnership relations between Syria and China after 67 years of bilateral diplomatic and friendly relations.

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Following is the transcript of the above statements in English:

Chinese President Xi Jinping,

I welcome His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, and I hope for a distinguished performance by the Syrian players in this tournament.

Syria is one of the first Arab countries to establish diplomatic relations with the new China, and it was one of the countries that proposed the draft resolution to restore China’s legitimate seat in the United Nations.

Over the 67 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Chinese-Syrian relationship has remained steadfast in the face of changes in international situations, and the friendship between the two countries remains firm over time.

Today we will announce the establishment of the Chinese-Syrian strategic partnership, and this will be an important turning point in the history of bilateral relations.

In the face of international situations full of uncertainty and instability, we are keen to continuously make joint efforts to exchange firm support for the other party and enhance friendly cooperation to defend international justice and fairness.

Thank you.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,

Dear Mr. President Xi Jinping,

I thank you for your invitation and great hospitality, and I express my happiness with our visit to China, which stands with the just causes of the peoples, based on the legal, humanitarian, and moral principles that form the basis of Chinese policy in international forums and which are built on the independence of states, respect for the will of the peoples, and the rejection of terrorism.

These principles are universal principles that most people believe in. Therefore, there was broad international support for your important initiatives, such as the Global Civilization Initiative, global security, and global development embodied in the Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to achieve security and development for all through integration, not through conflict.

Based on the above, we look with hope at China’s constructive role in the international arena and reject all attempts to weaken this role through interference in China’s internal affairs, or attempts to create tension in the South China Sea or in Southeast Asia.

This visit is an important visit in its timing and circumstances, as a multipolar world is being formed today that will restore balance and stability to the world, and it is the duty of all of us to seize this moment for the sake of a bright and promising future.

I hope that our meeting today will establish broad and long-term strategic cooperation in various fields, to be an additional bridge of cooperation that complements the many bridges that China has built.

I extend my thanks to you personally and to the Chinese government for everything you have done to stand by the Syrian people in their cause, suffering, and plight, and I wish the friendly Chinese people more scientific, civilizational, and humanitarian victories.

Thank you all.

End of the transcript.

A joint statement by Syria and China on the establishment of the Strategic Partnership read:

“The Syrian side firmly adheres to the One-China principle and recognizes that the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China, and that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory, as well as supports the efforts of Beijing to preserve its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.”


The Chinese side rejects the interference of foreign powers in the internal affairs of Syria and everything that affects its security and stability, and also rejects the illegal military presence, the illegal military operations and the illegal looting of natural resources. from Syria.

President Bashar Al Assad arrived in China to attend the Asian Games 2023 and for the summit with his Chinese counterpart. President Al Assad is accompanied by Syria’s First Lady Asmaa Al Assad and a high-level delegation led by the Syrian ministers of foreign affairs and economy upon the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping who sent an Air China plane for the visiting Syrian delegation’s trip.

China has been a major supporter of the Syrian people and the Syrian government, especially during the past years of the US-led war of terrorism and attrition against the Syrian people, and Syria has been a staunch supporter of China throughout the past decades on all the international arenas and in matters of geopolitics, security, and economy.

Syria and China are setting an example for the world of how bilateral relations are based, unlike the case in the Western camp implementing their Western values of destabilizing countries across the globe, invading, plundering, looting, destroying, enslaving, and force-exporting their degeneracy and anti-societal liberalism.

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  1. Liz

    That’s probably wonderful, and none too soon, of course, in the minds of many of the psychopaths here in America; this means war! Of course though, I suspect that most of that war would be fought on American soil without the aid of Chinese troops, though, Syria, itself might invite a small contingent, anyway, it’s all a game; a deadly one, like the game in the Ukraine; where people are killed for the sake of sake of some psychopath’s entertainment.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s about time, China has strong relations on all levels based on commercial interests only with many countries and states that are enemies of the Chinese people and are in the US camp to their bones, it makes sense for China to have strategic relations with a strong principled ally like Syria that not only rejected all pressures to join the camp of the enemies of humanity, Syria has stood firmly with China and for long decades.


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