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Syria: Turkey Massacre in Hama, US Massacre in Raqqa


Terrorists opened another front of massacre this early morning,  in the northern countryside of Hama.  The power line in Mharded was bombed; a massacre against Syrians in al Majdal village in northern countryside of Hama. Twenty were slaughtered in this village, mostly women and children.

Turkish weapons are the weapons used by al Nusra Front to fight the Syrian Arab Army in the northern countryside of Hama.  Iba’a Agency, the platform of terrorist fighters of Haya’at Taheer al Sham broadcasts news and updates of those fighters and their loyal factions.  They transmit pictures, showing al Nusra Front fighters with new ammunition and weapons, new and advanced weapons, made in Turkey.

In one of these photos, one of these weapons is clearly identified as Turkish, a bombs grenade launcher, with six bombs and easy to use, 40 mm.  The other photos shows what looks to be newly manufactured and sophisticated.

New weapon from Turkey to kill Syrians

In Raqqa were other massacres, these by the US led coalition which bombed a school in al Manswra west countryside of Raqqa.  The US bombed the al Badyeh School, which has been used as shelter for 40 Syrian families, refugees (internationally displaced) from the countrysides of Aleppo, Palmyra, and east of Raqqa.  Tens were killed, and the school was totally destroyed.  Previous school destroyed by US/”ISIS”:

US bombed Syrian school used to house internal Syrian refugees

In October 2015 our Ambassador Ja’afari explained to US audience that Raqqa is a city of 800,000 civilians hostage to 3,000 foreign-funded terrorists and so our government was careful with bombing missions, to not harm our civilians.  The US-led coalition doesn’t care how many of us it murders.

The escalation of this foreign imposed war also takes place in Damascus, and neighborhoods like Jobar.  The terrorists are using booby traps, snipers and missiles. War is ongoing and the Syrian Arab Army, which counters and thwarts the attempts of the terrorists to destroy us for the west and GCC and Israel.

The terrorists keep getting more supplies, and have reinforcements from the countryside of Aleppo.

The terrorists are trying to open another front, in Lattakia, launching missiles on civilians in Jableh – attacked in January with moderate opposition explosives  – and in Qerdaha.  More than 17 rockets were fired against these towns, today.

And in another planet, Mr. de Mistura an his armed terrorists of the opposition are pretending to be committed to the so-called cease-fire.  We are supposed to ignore the invasion by air of the US Marines to give aid and more weapons to their own mercenary militia [Hezen Suriya Demokratik], in Raqqa, in al Tabqa airbase, as part of the plot to support the separatist Kurds and their partition agenda.

Massacre after massacre; Turkey, US, Israel, and their unleashed rabid dogs, the so called opposition.

Is it not enough yet?

Are you still thirsty for Syrian blood?

Don’t you see that our army killed 150 terrorists, many of them foreign invaders?

— Afraa Dagher, 22 March

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